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Which series should be retired?

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Real Housewives:
Which series do you think has run its course and should end now!

The women of the OC started it all and they still have got it.  They seem to put a nice mix together each time.  The women in NYC for me are the best.  I guess being from that area I can relate more to them.  (except for Kelly)  The "wives" franchise is in jeopardy of tiring itself out with way to many cities being added.  Then again, who knows what the other cities will bring.  So far I have not stopped watching as it still is a curious obsession to me.  Shall see though when Atlanta starts, I usually only catch a few of those episodes.  Anyway, good luck to any woman who gets picked for a new wives city.  You will need it.

DC....soooooo boring. Don't like it at all.

I don't think any franchise should be canceled, BUT I think they may want to stop adding after RHOBH until they do stop one.  It's getting to be to much.  They have enough now to go through the entire year (yay) so maybe see how these all shake out for another year or so and then decide. :-*

new jersey was actually getting boring to me. im from there and its sad for me to say that. all of the danielle drama was stupid. so if it gets better with the new housewives on there then maybe they can stay but the second season sucked.


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