Author Topic: Lies of Basketball "Wives" L.A  (Read 5179 times)

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Lies of Basketball "Wives" L.A
« on: September 09, 2011, 04:56:20 PM »
True Or False? Imani Showalter Lost Her Shot At Being A “Basketball Wife” Because She’s A Child Neglecting Liar… Just Like Draya!
Turns out “Basketball Wives: L.A.” cast member Imani Showalter may have been just as “worthless” as Draya in her younger days…

Remember that moment on the last episode of “Basketball Wives:L.A.” when Imani and the girls are discussing “rescuing Draya” when she admits “we’ve all made mistakes and made bad choices and done some things you might not be so proud of”? Well if you were wondering what shady behavior from her past she was referring to, Baller Alert offers some insight:

It was a Saturday in August of 2005. Family, friends and team mates of San Antonio Spurs guard, Stephen Jackson and his fiancé Imani Showalter were all in Houston to witness the wedding of the happy couple. Unfortunately, that wedding didn’t happen. Word is just hours before the nuptials were to take place, as Imani was getting dressed, Jackson hit her with a 300 page (some sources say it was only 50 pages) prenup and when she refused to sign it, the wedding was cancelled. Rumor has it that Imani had been putting off signing the pre-nup for a while and of course the day everything is supposed to go down, all hell breaks lose when the paperwork is still not signed. So much for being a basketball wife.

Now if that wasn’t enough tea, rumor has it that the pre-nup wasn’t the only reason Stephen called the wedding off. Word is, Imani lied about her age AND the number of children she had. Imani and Stephen have a daughter together named Taylor. Stephan was only aware of one other child that Imani had. Well apparently, Imani had yet another child who was actually living with the father’s family. Yes, allegedly Imani ditched her child to go catch her a baller. Not so different from Draya now are we?

Now let’s talk about the age thing. Supposedly Imani told Stephen she was 27 when she was really closer to 34. Yikes! Stephen’s mom wasn’t much of a fan of hers. She said she would die if her son married Imani. Apparently she had a panic attack at the wedding and acting a crazed fool. Welp, lucky for her the wedding never went on. Mama knows best I suppose.

Well damn… Pot, kettle much Imani?

Our Bossip sources tell us that none of this is new info by the way and that back in the day Imani would sometimes leave her son with Stephen’s teammates’ family for weeks at a time. SMH. No wonder she and Draya were able to work out their differences.

You know what they say. Birds of a feather.

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Re: Lies of Basketball "Wives" L.A
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2011, 07:16:09 PM »
Whatever is done in the dark, will come to light.

If this is true, it's messy, why lie? 
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