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Which housewife has blocked you on twitter?

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Real Housewives:
Many housewives are blocking fans left right and center, for mean comments, opinions etc. Who has blocked you?

I haven't been blocked from any of the housewives.  But then again I don't follow all of them.  I have mixed feelings about how far to go on twitter anyway.  Sometimes people are really just mean.  Let me say, not that "they" don't deserve it sometimes.  But still, I come from the place of don't say something that you don't want said about yourself.....something like  Truthfully though, I love reading all the tweets, good, bad, and ugly.  Great free entertainment for me.  Heheeh.

Real Housewives:
I agree wamma, some comments are just terrible and deserved to get blocked. But there are some people asking simple questions that the housewife may be embarassed over or otherwise, that get blocked.

By the way you not following the hw's you aren't missing much lol

I don't follow all of them. But the only one that did block was Danielle. It doesn't take much to set her off and she'll block you ASAP. As for the others I follow, I don't make nasty comments. I just comment on their comments etc........

I don't follow all of them either. When I first started on Twitter I only followed A couple of the NY and NJ HW's. I never had even tweeted to any of them and out of the blue Dina blocked me. I have no idea why. At the time she had blocked me I had honestly only done like 20 tweets and none of them had anything to do with any housewives. Even now that I am on Twitter alot more. I very rarely will tweet to the HW's. Only if I am replying to something they tweeted and it has always been positive. I have never sent out a mean tweet or anything that would be disrespectful. The majority of my tweeting is with @real_housewives and thats it. I had someone tell me that she most likely blocked me because of who I follow. I guess if you follow someone Dina does not like she will block you. When I heard that I decided I dont want to follow her then because she has no right to say who I can and cant follow. If she wants to block because I choose to follow someone she disagrees with then oh well. I was a big fan of hers but not so much now.


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