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● Laura is the matriarch of the Bruce-Rumsey family.  A teacher at a local school in Arizona, an avid runner and already a mom of five, Laura is a "softie" at heart.  Ten months after her first date with Todd, they were married and raising 7 kids together.   For years, the family lived a lavish-life, but when their fortunes turned, Laura was shocked at how much money her family spent a month, exclaiming "she had no idea."  As an easy-going mom, who only wants to spoil her kids and give them what she had growing up, pulling the purse strings and disappointing her children is the hardest thing she’s had to do.   

"Our family is always short on cash, but we pull together and give one another strength to compensate for the things we lack."

● Todd is the patriarch of the Bruce-Rumsey family and his marriage to Laura is his third.  During the construction boom, Todd was running a successful contracting business in Arizona when he married Laura.  Once the real estate market collapsed, his business buckled, and the family lost their two homes to foreclosure.  Often credited as being a great father by the kids, Todd is heartbroken about not being able to provide for the family.  Determined to get it all back, Todd and Laura are attempting to rebuild the lives they’ve worked so hard for, while teaching the children valuable lessons they’ll need to never end-up in this situation when they grow up.

"I am uncertain about our financial-future, but I know that no matter what happens I will have the strength and love of my family to depend on."

● Heather, Todd’s daughter, visits her mom every other weekend with her brother Levi.  Things are better financially at moms, so there she has the luxury of cable TV, dinners out and recently got a new car.  An athlete, she feels most comfortable around boys and spends a lot of time with Levi and stepbrothers Rex and Dylan when at home.  She was accepting of her dad’s marriage to Laura and her new family, but admits it was an adjustment having so many people around.
"I have learned that I can depend on my family; my brothers and sisters always have my back."

● Bailey, Laura’s daughter, learned early how to be helpful when her mom gave birth to the triplets.  Bailey admits she had a hard time accepting her mom’s divorce and an even worse time watching her date.  However, she knew Todd was a keeper.  Bailey runs track at school and has two part-time jobs with hopes to save enough money to buy a car.  She wants to study health or psychology at Arizona State University one day. 

"I look at Todd like he’s my real dad.  It’s hard picturing my life before him, because he helped me find myself."

● Levi, Todd’s son, wasn’t fond of his step-brothers Dylan and Rex at first due to their competitive nature as classmates, but he soon realized they have a lot in common and now enjoys their collective love of sports.  Of everything they’ve gone through, Levi’s biggest regret is not having his dad around more, but understands he has to work to keep them afloat.

"When money was good we went out to eat a lot, but it seemed like an everyday event.  Now, whenever we go out to eat we are all together as a family and we are more appreciative of this privilege."

● Whitney is the first of the Rumsey triplets (Laura’s children). Unlike the rest of the children, Whitney isn’t involved in sports.  She’s a musician who plays several instruments and dreams of being the next American Idol.  She took voice lessons before the family’s financial issues, but now she has to take-away what she can from her school’s choir.  Whitney realizes that Todd’s sacrifices for their family makes him a “real” dad and she respects him tremendously. 

"We all have made mistakes, but together we are stronger and support one another; we help to keep each other on the right track."

● The joker of the family, Dylan is the second born of the Rumsey triplets and the most easy-going person in the family.  Dylan is not fond of chores and admits that he skirts his household duties.  His playful-nature, while fun, often gets him in trouble.  Dylan’s dream is to earn a baseball scholarship and have some kind of career in sports. 

“I am happy with my life the way it is now, but I would definitely enjoy having a little more money handy.”

● Rex, the last born of the Rumsey triplets, doesn’t particularly like school, but understands he needs to work hard to become successful.  Rex has always been a big saver, so it’s been tough seeing his family go through this crisis.  He’s thankful that his savings helps him to afford most of his needed baseball equipment and school clothes without having to ask for help from his parents. Like Dylan, Rex aspires for a career in the sports industry.

"I have learned a lot from my parents’ financial situation that anything can change and nothing is permanent.  I realize what the important things in life are and I am very grateful for having a roof over my head.  Even though it’s a struggle, I feel that our financial situation has only made our family stronger."

● The youngest of Laura’s children, Danielle was not thrilled about her mom dating and admits she disliked Todd.  After an inside joke the two began to share, they became closer than ever.   Danielle was given a choice due to the family’s financial situation between cheerleading, swim and gymnastics.  She chose cheerleading, but has since been forced to cut back. 

"I am the youngest of 8 children so I know a lot about teenagers.  When I was younger, I didn’t really get teased a lot but now everybody picks on me (except Heather and Rex - they are usually nice to me)."



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