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Downsized - In this reality series, a large blended family copes with the new hard times; its strategies include growing food and making clothes. Airs on WEtv beginning on 6 Nov, 9/8c

The Cast:

Laura Bruce, 40
Laura is the matriarch of the Bruce-Rumsey family.

Todd Bruce, 40
Todd is the patriarch of the Bruce-Rumsey family and his marriage to Laura is his third.

Heather Bruce, 17
Heather, Todd’s daughter. 

Bailey Rumsey, 17
Bailey, Laura’s daughter.

Levi Bruce, 15
Levi, Todd’s son.

Whitney Rumsey, 15
Whitney is the first of the Rumsey triplets (Laura’s children).

Dylan Rumsey, 15
The joker of the family, Dylan is the second born of the Rumsey triplets.

Rex Rumsey, 15
Rex, the last born of the Rumsey triplets.

Danielle Rumsey, 10
The youngest of Laura’s children.

Not sure if I want to watch this.  Seems to real lol.


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