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Michaele and Tareq Salahi's Blog
« on: October 08, 2010, 01:41:47 PM »
Real Housewives of DC - Episode 9 - Finale Show ( White House Show)
by TMS 8. October 2010 09:25

“ Cirque du Salahi: Be Careful Who You Trust! ”
 Michaele & Tareq both discuss the Betrayal that occurs from the Democratic Party, to the bullying tactics by some of their fellow cast.

Episode 9 – Final Episode

Dress worn:   India Red Lengha ( Sari) 
Shoes worn :  Jimmy Choo Gold
This episode for us is dedicated to Dirgham Salahi, (my father in law, Tareqs Dad) who celebrated life to the fullest and always reminded me to enjoy life! He loved the idea of this show, and while some of his last finest moments in life were captured exclusively by Bravo TV, that footage didn’t make it to the big screen this season. Dirgham shares his vision for Oasis and to carry his dream on and bring it back.    His passing on October 6th, while we tried to prepare in advance, is always unexpected and painful to lose loved ones.  This has been the most challenging years in our lives on numerous platforms.  He would have wanted us forging ahead, and would have said never give up, while cheering with a glass of Oasis wine.  So we toast this season to Dirgham Salahi, a strong man that was determined to do anything and reminded us all that anything is possible.

As you see in the opening of this finale episode, Stacie mentions that even “Tim Kaine” didn’t get an invitation… This is important since Tim Kaine had documentation and information that could have helped stop the misinformation that occurred after our attendance at the White House.  He was indeed aware of our plans to attend the White House state dinner.

In fact, my husband Tareq, a supporter of the Governor at the time & now DNC (Democratic National Committee) Chairman, was emailing him about going to the White House state dinner.   If we were party crashing the White House, we wouldn’t have emailed the #1 person in charge of the Democratic party, days before.  As you recall, Tim Kaine was the potential Vice-President nominee, and was instrumental in his early support of then President Elect Obama. We were also very supportive of Obama as early as 2005 as top sponsors and supporters for Rock the Vote and the DNC.  We were very supportive in getting Tim Kaine into his position as Governor and eventually the DNC through numerous methods.  More to tell about this later.

Sometimes you have to ask the basic question, just like Jason Turner did for a second in this Episode.   He said “there is no way to crash the White House!” As exciting as that may sound to many, just think for a moment:  If we were party crashing, why did the White House official ask for our Social Security #, Date of Birth, Full Legal Name & Citizenship be turned in for admittance to the White House?    YES! It’s a fact, we were asked to submit these things by a White House official, and we did.  Not exactly party crashing is it?

As the world later became aware of, false allegations have swirled around us since November 2009, when we were falsely accused, called unpleasant names and some even threatened our lives.  From the inception of the false allegations to the present, we have consistently stated we were invited and did not party crash.  We publicly revealed some of our emails from a White House liaison to substantiate the fact that we were led to believe that we were 100% invited and welcomed at the state dinner.  In fact, sworn affidavits exist, as revealed on our 2nd appearance on the NBC Today Show that discuss these statements and conversations that confirmed everything was a misunderstanding and we were 100% invited to the White House by witness confirmations.  Nevertheless some of my fellow cast mates and others, continued to bully me about our attendance to the White House, and now they enjoy bullying me about my health condition I kept a secret for 17 years, suffering with Multiple Sclerosis.

    As time moved on, a federal grand jury was convened due to the clear and present political war between the Republicans & Democrats on Capitol Hill and that then became the primary focus!  It was all politics,  instead of getting to the truth through a confidential attorney profer invitation, that was in fact offered to members of Congress and was never accepted.  The truth is, they didn’t want to hear the truth!   It was election time for members of Congress, and it allowed them a platform on National & world wide television to get on  TV when the world was listening.  Congress is the one that allowed this to cost untold and wasted tax dollars and wasted hours of time of tax payers dollars that dragged on for nearly a year and continues to drag on spending your tax dollars with the grand jury.  Congress invited us one time, we declined and did not show up based on legal advice and also since we thought it was a waste of time and waste of tax payers money.   Then Congress decided to subpoena us back to the committee of Homeland Security even though, they were aware this was a direct violation of the DC Ethics Bar rule since we planned to offer no information.   In addition, certain White  House government officials were fully aware that this by their own words “was a misunderstanding”.   Not caused by us, but honest misunderstandings by others of the government.  But Congress did not want to hear this information.  We plead the 5th, for a number of reasons, one of which, several Congressmen/women declared us guilty before the hearings got started. They did not want  to hear the truth. They did not want us to have our attorneys to help us. As a result, we had no choice but to plead the 5th before Congress since they already made up their minds by pre-judging us.   This could happen to any innocent American including YOU!  So be careful who you trust.

As you witnessed in this final episode,  we in fact presented our real names and real IDs at White House checkpoints, where we were directed to move ahead, including into the dinner inside the White House.  Video later of the event shows and confirms us being officially announced by a member of the government stating our real names as we entered the White House.  Yes, I do have MS, and like nearly all events I attend, especially after a long day filming for 8 hours, I often leave early when my MS attacks me to cool down or rest.  Once we returned home, we were excited, posted pictures proudly and emailed a thank you note to the White House liaison, who responded the next day, on the following afternoon with, “You are most welcome!  I here (sic) the smile in your email and am delighted that you and Michaele had a wonderful time.   Have an extraordinary Thanksgiving and many blessings to you both!”

    If we were not invited, wouldn’t you have expected a response instead such as “What were you doing at the White House?!?” or “I never got you  on the list” or “Why did you go to the White House???”

    If we were “party crashing”, doesn’t it seem odd to do so by going to the White House with a large film crew from Half Yards for Bravo?  Why would we want to potentially embarrass ourselves by getting told to go home in front of the cameras if we didn’t believe to be invited?

    If no one was expecting us at the White House that night, why was a permit applied for and approved by the TV Production company specifically to the National Park Services which Standard operating procedures calls for the White House/Secret Service to co-approve?

The Real Housewives of D.C. production company Half Yards, even applied for and received a permit to film us in and around White House property, specifying in the permit application the truth as to who was being filmed, and for what purpose.

    Many in the media and Congress developed the inaccurate theory that I was “auditioning” for the Real Housewives show the night of the White House dinner, and that our attendance at the State Dinner was a “reality show stunt.”   This idea is preposterous!   I was cast and had a signed contract months earlier, and was already a part of the show.  In fact, virtually the entire first season of Real Housewives of D.C. had already been shot by the November 2009 White House dinner.

    My husband and I have been made into punching bags and punch lines.  Some funny ( Saturday Night Live ( brilliant)  , Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon, David Letterman), some not ( you know who you are)… I was especially surprised and shocked at the bullying behavior of my fellow cast members after our attendance to the White House and my MS revelation as of late.  I am very hurt for the pain they wished upon me.

Everyone asks, Have we wished one thing to be done differently if we could turn back time?   Maybe one thing should have been handled differently, and it would have been something we had no control of.   We would have wished that someone had released the video showing and proving we did not “Sneak in” or “lie to the Secret Service” at the White House checkpoint.  It would have stopped the media spin that we snuck in or we were auditioning.  We really wished someone, anyone, would have said “The Salahis were not auditioning” or “Video shows the Salahis never lied”.  But these things never got stated.  We were abandoned, left alone to defend ourselves while working on this exciting Show.  Everyone was scared and in new unchartered territory.  However, we also understand that it would have been a show spoiler – so we get it.  We hope you did too and appreciated the suspense and wait.  It was tough on us and others, and we are now moving forward finally and closing this chapter in our lives once and for all.

Bottom line, we did what we were told.  Our White House contact was fully aware of the importance of the bilateral relationship between India & the United States through our shared sport of Polo.  The United States government in fact hosted a event at the US Embassy in New Delhi, India where both of us attended and spoke, side by side the US Charges d’ Affairs.

We were asked by the White House to email our Social Security #s, Date of Births and Real Names… We called the White House, we told them our names, and we asked them exactly what gate & time --- they told us “Mr. Salahi, be at the South East Entrance at 6:30PM, that’s adjacent to the US Treasury building, do you know where that is?”…  We then showed our real IDs at the Secret Service checkpoints, we stated our real names, we got announced by our real names, and we were in fact invited back to the White House for a future time at the end of the evening when we departed by a White House official…

The time is now for everyone to know the Truth, and for others to be honest.

1.    This was NOT a Audition that evening for Bravo TV.
2.    We did not Lie to anyone, including the Secret Service as you now witnessed in Episode 9 on Bravo TV.

Anyway – Its now time to move forward, and onward and put this all behind us. We have forgiven those that have said false statements about this part of our life, and we ask everyone to move forward, including my cast mates.
As you saw, a portion of the video from our Congressional response was shown in this final episode.  Very few people saw this in the world since only MSNBC aired it live.  To see and hear the full video, including who knew what and when they knew it, an important statement was given by our attorney at that time Stephen Best that aired exclusively on MSNBC that discussed what the Secret service was aware of, and the fact that Congress had no interest in learning the truth about that night. Indeed, it was a public flogging.   Click here to listen to the full video: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/34977071#34977071

Some of you have recalled that their was an alleged third party crasher… but most of you outside of Washington DC can not recall his name.   In addition, their was a couple two weeks before our attendance that arrived on the wrong date, their names not cleared, and they were admitted into the White House… again, no one can recall their name.   Why us we all ask ourselves that separated us from them?   This goes back to the two Washington Post gossip columnists that had personal issues with our family.  They spun it so the world believed I was auditioning for a show, that I again, I was already on.  They did no fact checking, and it was fuel to the fire that some believed I was auditioning, yet, no one wanted to correct this and we were prohibited from doing so at the time.  CNN then reported that story the Washington Post ran.   There was a slow news weekend over Thanksgiving… they figured if the Washington Post ran it, it must be accurate… there you have it, pack journalism and copycat reporting went worldwide faster than you can say Bravo!

You saw the last portion of this episode, with us at the Turners home, where they invited us over to “not attack us”, yet they did anyways.  Sad.  We were told the visit was not to talk about the white house just to visit.  We had been given clear instruction not to talk with anyone about the white house.   We listen.    They claim we “ran” out the back door.  In fact, you see Jason Turner showing us the way out, since we were asked to exit that way with the line producer of the show who drove us to their home and her car was parked in the back… again, just breakin it real. 

To read all details about what really happened surrounding the White House, and the betrayal by the Democratic party, you can read about it in the Book “Cirque du Salahi: Be Careful who you Trust” available on Amazon.com & Barnes & Noble online.

Lastly, we just cant wrap this up, without finally addressing the Interview that NBC Evening News Anchor Brian Williams gave over Thanksgiving break:  He stated the following three points, which we want to point out, the Bravo Video proves to be all 100% Inaccurate.  We are just showing that even the most trusted news sources got it wrong too.

1.)  The Secret Service limo checkpoint turned the Salahis away….    FACT:  Wrong. Video shows interaction with US Secret Service and limo driver – we were never turned away.
2.)  It was raining when he saw the Salahis:                FACT:  Wrong. No Rain when Salahis arrived.
3.)  Bravo had a make up artist on the sidewalk doing Michaele:    FACT:  WRONG, it was Indra Nooyi, Chairmwoman to Pepsi Co. that was getting make up on the sidewalk…

We hope you enjoyed this years season, it has forever changed our lives.   We had great fun!  We have a lot more to say, and more to tell, we can only for now invite you to come visit us personally at Oasis Winery for our re-opening that is in the works to happen in the near term.

We thank you with all of our heart for your support through thick & thin.  Those of you on the fence, we hope you now understand and see right through all of this.

We Love You, send a welcome cheers to the future and give you a friendly warning – Be Careful Who you Trust!

Michaele & Tareq Salahi

Michaele and Tareq Salahi's Blog
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Re: Michaele and Tareq Salahi's Blog
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2010, 01:56:48 PM »
Blah, Blah, Blah.  I really do wish them well, and hope that they can get beyond this debacle.  I for one am glad the season is over and hoping that another one is NOT coming.  I am done with the #RHODC.  Sorry Lynda, Mary, Stacie and Cat because I was starting to like you gals.  But I am done. 
Happy Wife, Happy Life!

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Re: Michaele and Tareq Salahi's Blog
« Reply #2 on: October 08, 2010, 07:20:40 PM »
Lets be honest on a few items here.  For one, I was in the White House during that State Dinner and have been during many over the years.  For one thing, the military aide that "announces"you, asks you for your name to get the pronunciation correct for the news media standing just inside the Book Sellers Room where the cameras are located.  Second, he does not have a list to check you off on to to verify you.  He's merely there to make you look good and make it more formal for the cameras. You "announcement" doesn't got beyond the 15 feet of that room. Your being "announced" is not an official thing of acceptance.

Third, you were given your chance to tell all before the cameras and Congress, you chose not to do so. Obviously on bad advice of counsel. Even Congress made fun of him  that day.  Truth is the best and only defense when it comes to something like this, and you had your chance that day and didn't take it, maybe in hopes of making a buck or riding a wave of publicity from it.  Your not Ollie North and your lawyer is not Brendon Sullivan, so the public didn't accept it. You looked stupid when you couldn't even confirm that you were in the room without looking back  to your attorney for advice.

The fact that you didn't lie to the Secret Service is a good thing, it was clearly their fault in letting you in, but you walked the walk and talked the talk and looked the part as well.  So they had no reason to believe someone would try this kind of thing.  They have since learned and for the better I'm sure.

You claimed to have an invite in the car while having your hair done, but you couldn't find it.  Even the producer asked you, off camera, to get it, and you couldn't find it, now suggesting it was at home.  If in fact you had one, why would you be waiting for a confirmation call that your invited.  Do you really believe they send out invites, take down your info and then confirm later on with a call, after all that to maybe tell someone no. I don't think so.  Fact is everyone submits his or her name for entry into the White House if someone is trying to get them in.  They know they will be asked for it, so they ask in preparation of someone asking for it. That doesn't mean your in or that it was approved.  She was only collecting the necessary info in advance if they would invite you, though far from a chance in hell given who they had to choose from.

And as for the Governor, he didn't know if you were invited or not.  Saying, nice to hear, or hope to see you there, is only political niceness.  He could care less if you were there or not.  And if he was a close friend like you believe he would have gone to the mat for you to prove you right, but he didn't.  He stepped back and said nothing. All he has to do was make on call to clear it up and the White House Press Secretary would have said there was a mistake.  He didn't. That tells everyone something as well.

If in fact you were invited, the 3 secret service officers would not have been fired.  If you had been cleared, they would be working today. They are not.  So something went wrong, they didn't do their job and you got in.  Maybe you didn't "crash" but the fact remains you were not "invited guests"  and if you had been you shouldn't have ducked out in short order to run to a bar across the street.  The fact remains, there was no seat for you and when you came though the Book Sellers Room that evening, Tarqe didn't want to stop and you pulled him back for more photos and glory of being inside.  No guest in their right mind runs around a State Dinner taking photos of themselves with senior officials and other guests.  Reason being, they belong in that world and have some sense of decorum and dignity in being part of that crowd of guests.  You certainly did not belong in that league of people, only hoping to be, which was not the case and knowing this you both ducked out before the Secret Service got you once Roxanne Roberts of the Washington Post stated asking questions the moment you walked in.

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Re: Michaele and Tareq Salahi's Blog
« Reply #3 on: October 09, 2010, 08:12:03 PM »

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Re: Michaele and Tareq Salahi's Blog
« Reply #4 on: October 16, 2010, 11:18:20 AM »
I think that the girl at that first gate saw the Bravo cameras and made a bad decision and let them through.  The rest was history.  Hopefully they will have to pay for their lie.
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