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Laura Govan breaks her silence
« on: November 03, 2010, 10:43:18 PM »
Gilbert Arenas’ fiancée is speaking out about the real reason she didn’t join “Basketball Wives.”
“I’m not your typical NBA wife,” is a common refrain among NBA wives and wifeys alike. But for Laura Govan, fiancée of Washington Wizards star Gilbert Arenas and mother to his three children, it might be true.
Laura, who’s been with Gilbert for nine years, is a former basketball player and NBA employee with a master’s degree in psychology. She enjoys her role behind the scenes. When Shaunie O’Neal invited her to join the cast of “Basketball Wives,” she declined and recommended Gloria, the youngest of her nine siblings. Gloria and her fiancée, LA Lakers forward Matt Barnes, return for the second season of “Basketball Wives” in December.
“I didn’t want to do it because I’ve never asked to be in the public eye,” explained Laura. “I’m educated. I want to make sure that my children have a role model in the sense of whatever that means to me. I want them to see that mommy is doing things other than being behind daddy and going to games and being cute.”
In the December issue of Sister 2 Sister, Laura finally addresses the rumors of her and Shaq’s affair. Not only does she deny that anything happened, she points the finger at Shaunie for running with a rumor that both couples knew to be false. She explains why she never called Shaunie to plead her innocence and sheds light on the true nature of their friendship. Spoiler alert: They weren’t BFFs, contrary to how their relationship was portrayed in the media.
Another myth that Laura debunked is the idea that she and her sister Gloria are sneaker chasers who pop out babies simply to lock down their pro-baller boyfriends. 

“I always said I would never date an athlete, nor an entertainer ever. You know, because we grew up around it,” Laura said. “My family has always held their own and we were always taught to make it on our own, especially as women.”
Laura is a former basketball player and coach who met Gilbert while she was working at a Golden State Warriors basketball camp. He wasn’t “Agent Zero” or the “$100 Million Man” yet. Laura said she tried to ignore Gilbert’s smiles and glances and even turned him down when he asked her out.
“I was like, ‘Being an athlete doesn’t impress me.’ I said, ‘If you really want to go out with me, you’ll work for my family.’” Her dad owned a jazz club and she promised him a date if he worked there.
“That weekend this boy was taking tickets at the door. People were like, ‘Aren’t you Gilbert Arenas?’” Laura was shocked to see him there. “And then he wouldn’t leave! He was filling salt and pepper shakers and pouring water.” 

Although Laura thought he was cute, he had to prove that he was really interested.
“I was in a master’s/PHD program, so as I was finishing my master’s, he would come and sit in the parking lot and wait for me for three hours,” she revealed to S2S. “I thought, okay, you know what? He’s serious.” 

After their first date, which included a movie and a game of tag in the parking lot, they were inseparable. “We were together every day since then. We were just kind of crazy about each other.”
Laura describes her relationship as a strong and happy one. The couple has been engaged for two years and plan to have another child. “People always ask us, ‘When are you getting married?’ When the time is right and when we’re ready,” Laura said.
Pick up the December issue of Sister 2 Sister to read Laura’s response to her rumored affair with Shaq. In the same issue, Gloria explains why she postponed her wedding. And she discusses Matt’s arrest for suspected domestic violence, which did not lead to charges because there was insufficient evidence.

S2S Magazine
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