16 & Pregnant: Life After Labor Finale Special

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So this season of 16 & Pregnant has come to an end. Thanks MTV and girls who filmed for sharing your very interesting and important stories.

At the reunion, Dr. Drew talked to a few of the ladies. Briana and her family started off the reunion by crying. My heart breaks for her family. Brittany (her sister who chose an abortion) said that she chose what was right for her because she was protecting her family. She didn’t want her mom to struggle supporting two babies, and she wanted Briana to have the chance to have a child. “I didn’t do this for me. I love my niece, imagine how much I’d love my own baby,” is how Brittany described her decision. In the end, Briana’s baby’s father came on stage and vowed to make more of an impact on his baby’s life and to be more involved. I hope that he will for Nova and Briana’s sake.

MacKenzie Douthit and her boyfriend are still together. She claimed to not be on birth control in the past because she didn’t want to gain weight. Shockingly, when Dr. Drew talked to them the two STILL WEREN’T ON BIRTH CONTROL. They didn’t use condoms because he is “allergic to latex.” Dr. Drew points out there are tons of other options like condoms made of lambskin and synthetic plastics. When he asks if MacKenzie’s mother is aware that they’re not on birth control she says that she doesn’t agree with anyone having sex before marriage and that allowing birth control will enable them to have sex all the time. I hope that the two decide to use birth control and prevent pregnancy or she’ll be the next one having an “oopsy.” It’s unrealistic to say that she won’t have sex because she already had it and has a baby at sixteen.

Sarah’s baby’s daddy moved away so he is not in Tinleigh’s or Sarah’s lives at all. Although he claimed to be moving away to make more money for Tinleigh, Sarah claims he has only sent $200 total. Sarah is in high school and is set to graduate this month. Congratulations Sarah.

Kristina was on set next and the first thing she talked about was the drowning of her baby’s daddy and fiance. “The only emotion I had was to cry,” she says when explaining why she felt so numb after losing him. She spoke very highly of therapy and said that it really helped her heal. She then reveals a shocking factor that she is engaged again to someone named T.J, who is being supportive and taking care of Lukas, although they both agree that he is not Lukas’ father. Kristina was on birth control when she got pregnant, but she was taking antibiotics and didn’t know that it cancelled out the effects of birth control. She currently has an IUD. I’m happy for Kristina and her new-found happiness. If you are suffering from a loss and feel like you need help please visit:

Dr. Drew called out Alexandria’s baby’s daddy Matt for only attending 2 or 3 NA and AA meetings a week. Matt called into the reunion because of a legal issue. Matt says he is in no way, shape, or form able to raise a child although he is completely clean and went to rehab. Dr. Drew then explains that “Matt has an illness. That’s the reality. And as a result, just like with anyother disease, it handicaps him while his disease is active,” to Alexandria. Alexandria reveals that Matt is drinking alcohol behind her back, dating other girls, and that she is being harassed by these girls. Despite saying she wants Matt out of her life, she tells Dr. Drew that the last time she hooked up with Matt was only 10 days ago! WHAT?!

I was a little upset with Dr. Drew when he asked questions of Alexandria whether or not she was still considering adoption. And if she really thought her having Arabella was the best choice for the baby. No one can answer that question. I am all for adoption, (and love Catelynn and Tyler for the hard, heartbreaking, sacrifice they made) but if Alexandria is a great mother, supports and loves Arabella unconditionally, than that is the best choice for the baby.

Katie Yeager and her boyfriend are one of my favorite couples. While Katie says that she has given up everything, the two have a very intense reaction to watching their story played back. Katie’s boyfriend gets upset when watching the two fight on the bridge. He still works in the mines to support the family. They live alone together in their own house and he works extremely hard, long, and dangerous shifts. The two say they can’t do it without each other and don’t know what they would do if they lost each other. When talking about birth control, Katie says that she is breast feeding, using condoms, and has an IUD.

Overall, seeing these 12 mothers on stage with their babies is lovely. But at the same time it’s very sad. They have sacrificed their teenage years, good high school times, some hopes and dreams, and attending the college of their choice to have a baby at 16 because of unprotected sex. I hope that their stories of heartbreak, disappoint, sadness, and a baby will help others learn that the only 100% preventative to pregnancy is abstinence but there are ways to prevent it and STDs with birth control. At the end of the day, Nanny said it best, “It’s babies having babies.”

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