16 & Pregnant | Season 4, Episode 1 – Meet Katie

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Meet Katie

by Ally Pereira

A Completely Au Natural Childbirth at 17!

Katie Yeager is a seventeen-year-old senior in high school. She desperately wants to make her mom proud and that’s apparent from the beginning of the episode where she is practically begging her mom to say one nice thing about her (I’m sensing a channeling of a Jenelle/Barbara type relationship.) I’d say that Katie’s already acting like a mom, studying for school during the week and working on the weekend. She’s even been budgeting and looking for an apartment for her, her boyfriend, and her soon-to-be baby girl Molli. Katie’s boyfriend is hoping to get a job working at the mines but until then they applied for income based housing. Katie even graduated high school on time with her class and registered for community college for fall semester! Congratulations Katie!

The beginning of Katie’s episode starts off with her and her boyfriend talking about their occasional use of condoms with Katie saying that she wishes she had realized that it was her responsibility. Wait, what?! Since when is it JUST the girl’s responsibility to worry about protection and not getting pregnant, let alone an STD? Luckily her boyfriend disagrees and says that he thinks it is a shared responsibility and that they both should have worried about using protection each and every time to protect against pregnancy.

Katie had to deal with the hardships of teen pregnancy like attending senior prom at seven months pregnant, getting over tired, and having to leave early. She also had to worry about where they were going to live, if she was going to have time to set up Molli’s nursery, and deal with the confusion of Joey pulling away from her. But at 38 weeks pregnant, Katie had to deal with labor when her water broke. Bravely, she chose to deliver au natural, no epidural or pain medications. Even though Joey and Katie had fought prior to her delivering, he arrived at Sweetwater hospital immediately and began rubbing her back, holding her, and comforting her. After ten hours of clearly painful, un-medicated labor baby Molli was born naturally and Joey launched into “daddy mode.”

Joey is hired at the mines, the couple rents their own house, and moves in shortly after Molli’s birth. Katie has high hopes and dreams of transferring to the University of Denver after receiving her Associate’s Degree at community college. Unfortunately, there are no mines for Joey to work at in Colorado, and the two talk about the possibility of her going alone with Molli while he stays and works to support the family. Katie’s days revolve around taking care of Molli, cooking, cleaning, and doing her online coursework.

UPDATE: She is now engaged to Joey. I wish them nothing but the best!

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