8/19/10 – RHODC: Foreign Relations

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If every week RHODC becomes a ‘she just said a racist thing’ I will be quickly turned off.

What would be a new episode of the HWs if some drama doesn’t rear its ugly head. This week alone we hear that Tariq Salahi – Sued Over Polo Event & Tariq’s mother calls police on him for trespassing at the family winery. Nice!

Now to the scratch my heard part… Paul’s publicist tells him, the Salahi’s lawyer wants a signed document which states his clients will not pay for any part of his birthday party. Yes the same one they hosted and arrived late to. Why would I need my lawyer to contact my “frend” to inform them I will not be paying for their birthday party, which I was supposed to be puting together anyway?

Was there an agreement, that they were throwing the party which means they would be paying for the party, if so what the heck happened? The Salahi’s are strange fruit.

A comment was made that Stacie would be the Diana Ross in the singing girl group of the housewives. Erica, Stacie’s friend took offense to this. Would Erica prefer Stacie be called Beyonce? Did I miss the racist comment. Diana Ross is an icon and a fabulous diva, call me Ms Ross, I won’t mind.

Lynda is still very concerned over Michaele’s weight. Lynda if you are indeed concerned for this very dangerous condition call A&E for Intervention. Don’t just tell her to eat a burger! Why would the Tareq defend his wives eating habits in front of strangers. Either Bravo tv are wizards at the illusion of producing mayhem or they are taking us for fools.

Lastly make no mistake Cat is not the definitive British woman and and by no means represents the UK. She is a personality all on her own.

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