8/9/10 – RHONJ: The Chanels of Venice

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Tonights episode opens with talk about Joe Giudice’s DUI and accident which occured January 14, 2010. Joe explains that he wasn’t drunk at the time of the accident. He yawned and closed his eyes for a second. Right. And while waiting for the police and ambuance to arrive, he had some more alcohol, not a smart thing to do, really, is it? The accident that happened wasn’t taken seriously. Joe flipped his truck, he could have died and left Teresa and their 4 children. I have seen the affects of drunk driving it is nothing to joke about. If you have to drink, please do not drive, even if you feel you are able to. You can’t regret something that didn’t happen…

There wasn’t much of Danielle this episode except her unabashed joy at Joe Giudice’s accident. Although she did show ‘some disgust’ at the fact that he could have left his wife a widow and children fatherless (albeit it Teresa).

Caroline, Jacqueline & Teresa decide they need to get away from it all and go on a trip to Italy. So they come home and each get the husbands to say yes, with drinks, I love you’s and do you love me? The husbands of course say yes. Albert, Caroline’s husband stated “I don’t want 18 kids running around all crazy. I just want you and me and the other couples! Caroline says, “I don’t know, let’s see and we will escape them and we will find our time together just you and I”. This makes for great tv, a couples get away. But wait no, grandparents and children are coming too, 20 people I believe was the count. I foresee trouble!

The plane ride over to Italy wasn’t filmed, I wonder why. Now that would have been interesting to see (may be Bravo will conjure that up for “lost footage”).

Now as we know the unfortunate events that have taken over the Giudice’s financials. We see Teresa diligently searching for stores, one in particular. Chanel. Now I know Chanel is expensive, may be it was an outlet store? But it seemed inappropriate for Teresa to be shopping when we know Teresa filed for chapter 7 on 29th October, 2009.

When I saw Milania standing up in the gondola I was on the edge of my seat horrified thinking she may fall into the water. In the water taxi, Teresa shouts out “Joe, spank me?” Inappropriate much?

Now we follow the families on to a cruise ship. Caroline and Albert are left with the Giudices children. Why? Where were Teresa’s parents? Caroline herself said she wasn’t happy and Albert wanted to only go with adults! Milania called Albert by his first name, I must be old fashioned, I call my elders Mr, Mrs or Miss Blah, not by their first name. The vacation continues…

Next week: Hills Are Alive With Giudice

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