Brothers Who Tried To Kill Parents & Set House On Fire Wanted Insurance

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Two brothers drugged their parents with Zanax, trying to kill them, according to a 911 call released by Gwinnett County Police Tuesday morning.

Yvonne Ervin, 50, tried to lock herself in an upstairs bedroom Saturday morning while her husband Zachary Ervin, 50, tried to distract their sons in the garage. When police arrived, they found both parents severely injured. Their sons, Cameron Ervin, 17, and Christopher Ervin, 22, were arrested.


[L-R] Cameron, Yvonne, Zachary & Christopher Ervin

911 call:
Operator: Gwinnett county 911, what the nature of your emergency?
Mrs Ervin: Yes, please send someone to my house. My children are trying to kill me.”
Operator: whats your address, ok What do you mean that your children are trying to kill you?’
Mrs Ervin: They attacked me and my husband, they drugged us with xanax, they’ve attacked us and they;re trying to kill us. my husband has distracted them and I was able to get to the phone, please hurry.

Operator: Now you say your husband has restrained them?
Mrs Ervin: He’s distracted them so I could get to the phone, please, please hurry.
Operator: How old are the children?
Mrs Ervin: They are 22 and 17. Please
Operator: How did they try to kill you ma’am
Mrs Ervin: They tried to strangle us and shoot us, they put zanax in our food. … we were asleep. They tried to attack us. They beat me up. They beat him up. They’re trying to kill us. Please, please hurry.
Operator: You’re children are 17 & 22?
Mrs Ervin: 22, Yes.

Christopher-Yvonne Ervin-sm

Christopher and his mother Yvonne Ervin

Operator: Ok

Mrs Ervin: Please hurry
Operator: and where they at now ma’am?
Mrs Ervin: They’re in the house. They’re trying to attack my husband. He’s made it to the garage. and he’s trying to blow the horn to distract, get our neighbours attention and I was able to get up to the phone and call you, please hurry please.
Operator: Now what’s your name?
Mrs Ervin: Yvonne Ervin
Operator: Yvonne Ervin?
Mrs Ervin: yes
Operator: Ok
Mrs Ervin: Yes, please, please hurry.
Operator: Is he still blowing on the horn?
Mrs Ervin: He’s in the garage. Just trying to, he’s able to get away from ’em. He’s trying to do what he can, to get attention to the house, but they strangled me and beat me
Operator: They strangle you and beat you?
Mrs Ervin: Yes, they’re names are Chris and Cameron Ervin.
Operator: They’re names are what?
Mrs Ervin: Chris and Cameron Erving, 17 & 22 year old.
Operator: Ok
Mrs Ervin: Please send someone out as quickly as possible
Operator: They’re on their way ma’am ok just stay on the phone with me are you in your room?
Mrs Ervin: Yes I am but I don’t know if they’re gonna find me.
Operator: What room are you in?
Mrs Ervin: I’m in my top upstairs bedroom
Operator: and the children are still in the garage?
Mrs Ervin: Yes they’re trying to attack my husband. I don’t know. They have the shotgun. We have a shotgun and pistol in the house. I can’t find my pistol so I’m assuming they’ve taken it. They have his shotgun. I don’t know if they plan on shooting him or not. But please, please hurry.
Operator: You’re unsure where the weapons are at this time?

Mrs Ervin: Yes I’m sure, I just know he’s in the garage. Where he was able to distract them and I was able to get upstairs to the phone. The other phone’s been discon .. unplugged.
Operator: Ma’am, they are they trying to, you said they attacked you while you were sleeping?
Mrs Ervin: They just said yes, i believe, I don’t know they.. I don’t know, I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know why they’ve done this, I really don’t. I guess they want the insurance money. I’m not sure.
Operator: Ok and do you see your husband now ma’am?
Mrs Ervin: No I don’t all I know, is he’s in the garage and he was screaming. He was trying to blow the horn to get attention to hopefully our neighbors.
Operator: Ok
Mrs Ervin: Please, please hurry, please.
Operator: They’re on their way ma’am. I need you to, did you lock your door?
Mrs Ervin: They’re probably be able to get in.
Operator: Ok but make sure you lock the door ok?
Mrs Ervin: Ok I will.
Operator: & so the children woke you up while you were asleep?
Mrs Ervin: I was tr, yes (inaudible) I heard them say they put zanax in our drinks, that’s why we’re so sleepy. We didn’t understand why we were so sleepy. But that’s why.
Operator: How did you know it was Xanax
Mrs Ervin: Because that’s what they said after they started attacking us, that’s what they said.

Yvonne-Zachary Ervin-dm

Yvonne and her husband Ervin. Mrs Ervin was released and her husband Zachary is still in the hospital.


Operator: Ok
Mrs Ervin: Please please hurry, please.
Operator: Alright they’re on their way. ok?
Mrs Ervin: Ok
Operator: Would you like me to stay on the phone with your ma’am?
Mrs Ervin: Sure you can, let me try and lock my bedroom door.
Operator: Yeah I want you to lock my bedroom door. Ok
Mrs Ervin: I just heard them say where did mom go? They’re headed upstairs now
(muffled sounds, Mrs Ervin screams)
Son: Are you on the phone
Operator: Hello
Mrs Ervin to her sons: The police are on their way, the police are on their way. Please.
Operator: Hello, hello ma’am.

“Based on the evidence that has been gathered thus far, it is apparent that the brothers launched a plot to kill both of their parents,” a press release from Gwinnett County Police reported Tuesday morning.

Police said there was a year-long history of several suspicious persons calls from the home, but they were not related to anyone that lives there. There was no history of calls for domestic disputes or violence at the address.

A preliminary hearing for the brothers is scheduled for this Friday.

Yvonne Ervin has been released from the hospital. Her husband, Zachary, remained in fair condition as of Monday.

Source: 11 Alive


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