Adriana de Moura, Frederic Marq Married Since 2008

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Real Housewives of Miami’s Adriana de Moura is either a liar, an amnesiac or someone shares her exact name as well as her husbands as Adriana is married. During season 2 of her ‘reality’ series, her ‘fiance’ Frederic Marq informs her son they want to get married. Really? That’s funny as they are already married since 2008. That’s quite an important detail to miss. There is no divorce record for them to explain their engaged status. Was Adriana hoping for a spin-off? No wonder her son looked surprised as if to say, mom you’re already married, why bring me in your lie?

Didn’t Adriana say she wasn’t ready for marriage? Congratulations Mr & Mrs Marc, albeit four years late. By the way Adriana looks great for 47.

UPDATE: DeMoura’s publicist Lynn Brodsky admitted to the Miami Herald that yes, “Adriana did get divorced in 2003, but her and Roberto tried to work things out and had a common law marriage until 2006.

What her ex has to do with this, I have no idea. Is she not divorced from Roberto?

After breaking it off she then met Frederic in 2008. On a romantic whim after dating briefly, Adriana and Frederic went to the clerk’s office on their own with no friends and family, and were married.

Again too much info here instead of explaining the faux pas.

There was a discrepancy in the certificate – so instead of having the marriage fix [sic] or annulled, they decided to take a step back and hold off until they were truly ready. Adriana and Frederic are planning to have a beautiful (and proper) wedding this spring.”

When asked about the alleged discrepancy, Lynn said “Marriage certificates are not valid by law if there is a typo. There was a typo on their certificate. I have no further comments at this time.”

No further comments? You past comments didn’t explain much. That “typo” which I noticed, was that her maiden name is Moura and not “de Moura.” So she has lied about her name too? This is bordering on ridiculousness.

Bravo’s statement on the matter, “We were not aware that they were married.” Right.

Just call me Real de Housewives.

Source: Miami-Dade Clerk Of Courts, Miami Herald

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