Adultery Wins | Adulterous Billionaire Jeff Bezos & Former Mistress Lauren Sanchez Are Engaged

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Amazon billionaire Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen known professionally as Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend Lauren Sanchez has been spotted wearing a yellow diamond heart shaped ring on that finger. ⁣

Adulterous love

Jeff is allegedly worth $194.2 billion as of the 12th June 2021. ⁣

He was previously married to Mackenzie Scott & they divorced after 25 years of marriage, they share 4 children. And Lauren, who was married to celebrity agent Patrick Whitesell, also divorced once their affair was made public.

Dan Whitesell & his adulterous first wife Lauren Sanchez

Jeff’s first wife has re-married a high school chemistry teacher by the name of Dan Jewett.

Dan Jewett & McKenzie Scott

The richest man in the world has come under fire for alleged anti-competitive practices through Amazon.⁣

He has also come under fire for controversial labor practices at Amazon, including complaints of low wages, constant surveillance of employees and overwork. ⁣

Photographs: Lionshare News / Backgrid⁣
Source: Daily Stormfront aka Nazi Times aka Daily Mail


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