Alexis Bellino’s New Nose

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Alexis Bellino from the Real Housewives of Orange County decided to have a rhinoplasty, she wanted to get rid of the semi-noticeable bump on her nose. She didn’t use the old “I have a deviated septum” but the “debilitating sinus infections”  excuse. I have sinus infections, should my nose be shaved off a millimeter or two? Again she didn’t need to go under the knife again. Plastic butchery. She looked fine before.

She told the OC Register,

Most people don’t even know I had a nose job. They notice something [new] about me. It’s perked up my face.  She asked me if I could make the tip a little more defined and also file down her bump. Anything to my face I just couldn’t do it…I couldn’t take the plunge. I did not want to go under the knife.

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