America’s Next Top Model | Season 18, Episode 2

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It’s the Makeover episode of America’s Next Top Model. We all love the tears, the transformations, and the makeunders that happen at the hands of Tyra Banks’ glam squad. Some boring little nobody girl from Oklahoma can become an edgy gorgeous model, that agents are looking forward to booking. Tyra’s wheels are spinning, and all of the girls get ferociously new looks, except for Azmarie who is already bald, so she settles for shaving “ANTM” into the back of her head. Eboni gets burned by a curling iron, but it’s warranted because they actually burned her, and her tears are valid. Some girls are given weaves, some get new color, and some a whole new look completely.

Since this season’s theme is all about America vs. The UK, when the girls get back there’s a little note. The girls are told to compete with each other and eat typical food from the opposite country that they’re from. The Americans land a victory, because let’s face it, Americans will eat anything! We’re a country filled with porkers that stuff their faces with artery-bursting cuisine, so this was a breeze.

The photo shoot was one not to miss! HBIC of the Kardashian Klan, Kris Jenner shows up at their photo shoot, shocking all of the girls. Who knew Kris Jenner could garner such a response? Her barely moveable face was very excited to be a part of this shoot, along with her two youngest Kardashian daughters, who also happen to be working models. The photo shoot will be the Top Model contestants acting as toddlers, in a group shot with the Kardashian daughters and Kris Jenner. The pictures actually look awkward and semi-weird, in a very Dance Moms gone-wrong moment. If Tyra is creating this photo shoots, homegirl’s got issues!

Fast-forward to panel, and it’s full steam ahead in cutting another model. Will it be another UK model? Last week we had to bid farewell to British model, Jasmia. Tyra keeps referencing Mariah as way too sexy. Sophie, Eboni, and Laura get rave reviews of their photos. A lot of the girls fell flat this week, so it’s hard to pick one to send home. Laura is photo of the week, and called out first. The last two girls standing are Seymone and Mariah. It seems as though personality is the key to winning this season, because for the second week in a row, the girl with the better personality was safe, and the forgettable model gets the boot! You have to stand out in the crowd, ladies! Mariah is sent packing. 2 models are gone, and 12 are left. I wonder what the kooky photo shoot will be next week… Until next time, don’t forget to smile with your eyes.

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