America’s Next Top Model | Season 18, Episode 8 – Recap

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Georgina Chapman

by Josh Shonewolf

Last week, we said Ta-Ta to the bland but gorgeous, Kyle. I shall NEVER forget her voice rapping “Hi, Im Kyle. I can Smize for miles.” Epic, I tell ya This week on ANTM British Invasion, all the models are told to embody their Tyra-given brands. Who will fail, a week before they’re sent abroad?

The girls set out to compete for spots in a runway challenge. They’re competing to open four fashion shows for designers, and the pressure is on. Catherine and Seymone are the suckers of the bunch, while Sophie is the star. She wins two openers, Alisha wins one, and sweetheart Annaliese wins the other.

The girls are told to convert back to their youth, as Hello Kitty is the theme of the photoshoot. The photographer is a 16 year old who won a contest in Seventeen magazine, so the childlike theme is spot-on! The models are decked head-to-toe in Hello Kitty junk. Catherine is dull, and Nigel Barker informs her that she’s too safe. Guest judge, Georgina Chapman, happens to take a liking to Catherine, which could save her British bum.

Alisha soars at the photoshoot, looking gorgeous and amazing. Sophie, who is the clear frontrunner looks a bit confused and stuff. Uh oh. Annaliese looks so commercial, but very safe and dead in the face. Dead face alert! Ultra diva, Seymone, walked onto the set with a grumpy attitude, which rubbed everyone the wrong way. Laura looks stunning, but the judges think she literally only is capable of one look. Eboni looks amazing from the neck-down, as Kelly Cutrone states.

So panel happens, and Alisha wins best photo. This girl is so up-and-down! She was runner-up to go last week, and now she’s back on top! Everyone’s safe but Seymone and Eboni. Rude Seymone or Blank Eboni? Seymone hits the road, and she deserved to go a while ago. Next week the ladies head to Asia!

Next Week Barney Cheng
The final six models travel to Macau, where they get a reading from an astrologer and are challenged to re-create their auras through fashion. At the photo shoot, the ladies pose in silk gowns while silkworms crawl on their bodies. Designer Barney Cheng is a guest judge.

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