Andraya ‘Draya’ Howard & Orlando Scandrick: A Dysfunctional Love Story – Timeline

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Former Basketball Wives LA star Andraya ‘Draya’ Howard and fiancé Dallas Cowboys cornerback, Orlando Scandrick have had a tumultuous relationship over the past 3 years. Check out their love story, filled with restraining orders, domestic violence, bleach and breakups.


  • Andraya ‘Draya’ Howard and Orlando start dating.
  • Woman claims Orlando is cheating on Draya with her.



  • 9th July – Draya: “I Didn’t Break Up With Orlando Scandrick, I’m Damn Near Married” – Draya was asked by paparazzi, when was the wedding? She replied, “I’m damn near married“.

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    • 20th June 2015 – Orlando asks Draya to marry him, Orlando proposes with a 6 carat $400,000 ring.
    • 13th May – Draya and Orlando break up.
    • 7th July – Orlando claims it was a ‘poor decision‘ to propose to Draya. (This would be around the time Draya ‘got’ pregnant.
    • 9th July – Draya slams Orlando stating he is treating her like a clown, after stating it was a poor decision to propose to her.

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  • 10th July – Orlando apologizes for bashing Draya in the media and claims he still loves her.
  • 14th July – Orlando files a restraining order against Draya, wanting him to remove her from his house. In the restraining order it was revealed that Orlando was the victim of domestic violence, on the 3rd July.
    • Orlando, claims that Draya sprayed him with pepper spray, throwing candles at him, knocking a picture off the wall.
    • He says that Draya threw a porcelain jewelry holder and some books at him and threatened to throw bleach in his eyes. Orlando also claims he suffered bodily injury in the alleged attack and he fears it could happen again.
    • Draya also threw many of his clothes in the bathtub and his swimming pool.
    • Orlando has asked a judge to keep Draya at least 100 yards away from him at all times, which was granted.
    • Plus, the judge has ordered Draya to move out of the house, immediately.
  • 28th July – Judge throws out restraining order against Draya Howard, as Orlando was a no show in court. The two had reconciled at the time.
  • 6th Aug – Draya talks about their breakup from the 3rd July 2015, in which she stated she threw his, sneakers in the pool.
    • I got my ring. It was a very expensive ring. We’re in a good place. It was an off thing so it’s trying to get back on and we’re just playing it day by day to see. I didn’t put out a statement, I didn’t throw any shade. I was embarrassed, I was appalled that my private life was out there and I didn’t put it out there because I’m cool with what I do. Like if I wanted to tell y’all that I was having arguments in my house I would’ve told y’all.I didn’t really want to put bleach in his eyes. (Laughs) I was in my house, it’s okay to lock the doors, put the blinds down and tear it up. In my opinion. We don’t have domestic violence, I’m just a little destructive sometimes during an argument. I’m not destructive to him. He’s a shoe guy, I put the shoes in the pool. I put the Yeezys in the pool. I’m not gonna sugar coat it, I’m a little crazy. I’m gonna talk about your mama, I’m gonna throw your clothes in the pool. It’s an argument!
  • 21st Aug – Draya and Orlando are back together and the engagement is also back on.
  • Dec – Rumors start to circulate that Draya is pregnant



  • 5th Jan – Draya confirms that she is pregnant with a baby boy and is due in April 2016. The couple claims they’re 100% planning on getting married.
  • 14th Jan – Draya announces she is single, the couple broke up on the 1st January.
  • 25th Jan – Draya announced she is back with Orlando, “We worked it out”.


Orlando had ample time to leave Draya if she was so violent. I can’t help wonder what will happen when they break up. What stories will they tell their son? “Mommy and I fought so badly I had to get a restraining order against her?” A child is never a quick fix for a busted relationship. Only time will tell.

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Basketball Wives Basketball Wives LA


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