Anna Cardwell Won’t Let Mama June Visit Daughter Kaitlyn Unsupervised

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via US Magazine:
The family feud still lingers. On TLC’s Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, viewers saw June “Mama” Shannon happily take care of her granddaughter, Kaitlyn, but when daughter Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell gives birth to her second baby, Shannon will have to keep her distance.

Confirming her eldest daughter’s second pregnancy in an April 25 Instagram post, Shannon couldn’t help but voice her concern that Cardwell, 20, and her husband, Michael, are too young to expand their family. “I’m not going to sugarcoat it: I’m nervous for them, as I know they are struggling with just them and Kaitlyn right now. Adding another one is going to be hard,” Shannon wrote. “They are in a different state for me to help her out like I was able to help a lot with Kaitlyn, but going to try to be [as] supportive as possible.”

As Cardwell tells Us Weekly, her relationship with Shannon remains fractured — and she’s willing to go into protective mama bear mode when necessary if things don’t get better. “We fuss and fight about this pregnancy thing,” said Cardwell, telling Us that while she trusts Shannon “a little,” it’s her husband who has the real issue. “If I have a newborn child, either me and Michael are going to go [visit with the baby] or she can come over here and visit,” said Cardwell, who moved from Shannon’s home in Georgia to live at her father-in-law’s home in Alabama.

Cardwell also takes issue with Shannon’s claim that the couple cannot financially support another child. “Every family struggles with all this stuff — even with one kid, [but] we make it — every single day. [Kaitlyn] gets what she wants, she eats, has clothes on her, she’s clean. This same kid is going to be the same way,” she said.


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