Anonymous Returns Exposing Trump’s Child Rape & Child Trafficking History

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Anonymous is a decentralized international hacktivist group that is widely known for its various cyber attacks against several governments, government institutions and government agencies, corporations, and the Church of Scientology.

Anonymous & mango mussolini

Today Anonymous came out guns a blazing:

  • They took down the Minneapolis Police Department’s website
  • Hacked the Chicago Police Department’s website and played ‘F*ck The Police by NWA.
  • They promised to expose Ferguson Police Department
  • They released documents where pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his best friend Donald Trump raped a 13-year-old girl.

From Courthouse News in 2016:

  • A woman who says Donald Trump raped her at a private sex party when she was 13 years old refiled a lawsuit against him Friday, two weeks after voluntarily dismissing a suit based on the same claims.
  • The new complaint, filed in the federal court in Manhattan, restates plaintiff Jane Doe’s claims of the earlier lawsuit. Namely, that she was lured by a recruiter to summer parties hosted by co-defendant Jeffrey Epstein at an Upper East Side mansion on East 71st St., tied to a bed and forcibly raped by Trump, who slapped her with an open hand and told her he would do whatever he pleased with her.
  • Jane Does goes on to claim that after Epstein also forcibly raped her, he and Trump bickered over who should have taken the minor plaintiff’s virginity.

And of course twitter came through.

Anonymous also said that the people in power killed Jeffrey Epstein to cover-up his story of child trafficking and rape. Also revealed was Jeffrey’s Epstein’s little black book which included his cohort and co-conspirators and alleged deviants:

  • Donald and Ivanka Trump,
  • former Colombian President Andés Pastrana,
  • Naomi Cambell,
  • Bernie Ecleston (billionaire F1 Group CEO – racecar driving)
  • Alec Baldwin (actor)
  • “Charlie Althorp”, an identity attributed to Charles Spencer aka Louis Spencer, Viscount Althorp (Princess Diana’s brother)
  • The Kennedys (Ted, Bobby, Edward, Andrew, Mary, Ethel, Jo)
  • Henry Kissinger (former Secretary of State)
  • Prince Andrew, Duke of York (his exploits are well-known)
  • David Koch (deceased multi-billionaire owner of Koch Industries)
  • Nick & Thomas Pritzker (members of the “15th wealthiest family in the world.”)
  • Clive Bannister (investor, Museum of London chairman)
  • Hannah & Jessica Rothschild (members of the Rothschild family, one of the wealthiest families on Earth)
  • Chris Forbes (Vice Chairman of Forbes Publishing Company)
  • Mark Getty (Member of billionaire Getty Family, Chairman of Getty Images)
  • Dustin Hoffman (actor)
  • Will Smith (actor, rapper)
  • Chris Tucker actor, comedian)
  • Mick Jagger (lead singer of the Rolling Stones)
  • Courtney Love (singer)
  • Bobby Slayton (comedian, actor)
  • Joan Rivers (deseased, comedian, actor)
  • Michael Jackson (King of pop, deceased)
  • Rupert Wainwright (actor, director)
  • Minnie Driver (actress)
  • Christy Turlington (model)
  • George Hamilton (actor)
  • John Cleese (actor, comedian)
  • Jacques Villeneuve (racecar driver)
  • Kevin Spacey, formally charged with sexual assault (actor)
  • Mick Jagger (“singer”)

Stay tuned, will be updating.

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