Antonio Martin, 18, Shot Dead By Police In Berkeley, A Few Miles From Where Michael Brown Was Killed; Cops Say Antonio Martin Was Armed

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  • Toni Martin destraught after her son, Antonio Martin, 18, was shot & killed by police

via KMOV:
Large crowds began gathering after a man was killed during an officer-involved shooting in Berkeley, Missouri Tuesday night.

Police say the shooting occured after a Berkeley police officer approached two men during a routine business check at a Mobile Gas station located at 6800 North Hanley.

As the officer walked out of his police car and towards the men, one man pointed a handgun at the officer, according to police. The officer fired several shots and fatally wounded one man, the second man fled the scene.

Detectives from the St. Louis County Police Department say they have recovered the suspect’s handgun from the scene.

Family members told News 4 the deceased man is 18-years-old.

The St. Louis County Police Department’s Crimes Against Persons Unit will be conducting the ongoing investigation.

News 4 photographers on the scene said they saw police with riot gear and noticed large flashes of lights at the shooting scene after large crowds gathered.

Police officers from Florissant, Overland, Berkeley, and St. Louis County were called to the shooting scene.

St. Louis County Police say they will hold a news conference at 7:00 a.m. Wednesday morning to discuss the shooting.

via The Guardian:
Jon Belmar, chief of the St Louis county police, released the video at a press conference hours afterwards in the hope of defusing the tension. Describing the sequence of events at a gas station in Berkeley, a suburb of St Louis, he said that the officer had been in “imminent danger” and had used “what he felt was appropriate force at that time” by firing at the suspect across the hood of the car.

He said the officer fired probably three shots, one of which hit the suspect, one the front tire of his vehicle. As he shot, he stumbled backwards and fell. The suspect, Belmar said, appeared not to have discharged the gun he was allegedly pointing.

Though only one surveillance video has been released so far, the gas station is understood to have several cameras mounted at different locations. The police officer, who was acting alone, was also understood to have a body camera and a camera mounted on the dash of his police vehicle, though Belmar indicated neither was recording.

Belmar declined to identify the officer, who he said was a white male aged 34 who has been on the force for six years. He also declined to identify the shot teenager, though local reports have named him as Antonio Martin.


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