“The Boys Are Dead & So Am I”: Last Text Husband Sent Estranged Wife The Day He Shot Dead Sons, Aged 2 & 7, Before Killing Himself

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Jacob-Ashley-Austin-Robertson Deane

Ashley Deane, 28 (left image), lost her two sons Austin, two and Jacob, seven, when her husband Robertson White Deane, 36, shot them in a murder-suicide at their Reno, Nevada home in November. Eight months later, Ashley is speaking out about her husbands struggles with depression.

via Daily Mail:
Eight months after losing her husband and two young sons in a murder-suicide, a Nevada mother is speaking out about the afternoon that changed her life forever.

The last time Ashley Deane, 28, saw her seven-year-old son Jacob and two-year-old son Austin was November 8, 2014, when she dropped the boys off with their father for the weekend.

Ashley and Robertson White Deane, 36, had decided to separate, and she had been living with the boys at her grandfather’s house for the previous four days.

‘I could hear the boys playing inside’ Ashley tells the Reno Gazette-Journal. ‘I didn’t want to upset them with leaving so I didn’t say goodbye.’

While Ashley gave her husband a hug before leaving, she says that they got into an argument over text message as she drove away for a weekend with a girlfriend in Sacramento.

Jacob-Ashley-Austin Deane-lg

Ashley pictured with her sons Jacob & Austin Deane

As their conversation turned more and more heated, Ashley grew worried about her husband and called her mom to go over to the house and check on the boys.

Then she put down her phone and ignored a text message from Rob. She was in an Ikea in Sacramento eight minutes later when she finally picked up her phone and saw the message, which read: ‘The boys are dead and so am I.’

Standing next to a stack of glasses, Ashley accidentally knocked them over in her rush to call 911 for help.

‘It was 911 in Sacramento so they were trying to connect me to Reno but it was all so confusing.’

By the time police showed up at the Deane family home just after 4pm, it was too late.

The two boys were found shot to death in the bathroom.

In the master bedroom, their father’s body was laying on the ground two feet away from a silver revolver.

All three suffered single gunshot wounds to the head.

Robertson White Deane with his sons Austin & Jacob Deane

Robertson White Deane with his sons Austin & Jacob Deane

At first, Ashley felt extreme anger towards her husband for taking away her children, but she says she is beginning to get past that emotion as she goes through counseling.

‘I was angry at him, but that doesn’t do any good. It doesn’t bring my boys back,’ she said.

Ashley’s method for dealing with the unthinkable tragedy is not to hide reminders of her sons and husband – but remember them as often as possible to keep the good memories alive.

She recently posted a picture of her wedding day, writing: ‘Though our marriage had its struggles this day still marks a time stamp of a happy day.’

She has also maintained a close relationship with her husband’s parents, recently spending Father’s Day with them.

Ashley decided to speak out about the tragedy to raise awareness of depression, something her husband struggled with after surviving cancer as a teenager and dealing with painful arthritis.

‘His parents and I tried to help, but there’s no right or wrong way when someone is depressed,’ Ashley said.

However, she said that his children were always a comfort and that she would never have imagined that he could possibly hurt them.

‘I want people to know we had a happy family life. The boys were happy and adored their father…

‘He was their father and he loved them. I never thought he could do something like this.

‘Why would I marry someone or have kids with someone I thought could do this?’ she said.

Ashley says she met Rob on the website Myspace in 2006, and that they soon met for a barbecue at his house.

‘He asked a lot of questions about me,’ she said. ‘He seemed to be really interested, which really caught my attention.’

Just a few months after meeting, the two decided to move in together and conceived Jacob the same year.

Jacob was born on July 4, 2007, and nine months later the couple married.

Ashley remembers her oldest son as a funny and charming little boy who loved getting to wear a tie.

While Ashley says she is struggling to ‘find the new normal’ of her life, she is growing stronger every day thanks to the help of a new partner. According to Facebook, Ashley is now in a relationship with a woman named Tanya Trader.

‘I’m with someone who can deal with what is going on with me and all of this,’ she said. ‘It’s not easy to see me sad,’ she told the Reno Gazette-Journal.

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