Atlanta’s Reality Stars: Story Lines Or Drug & Sex Parties Gone Wrong

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Clifford ‘TI’, Tameka Tiny’ Harrris, Kandi Burruss-Tucker, Todd Tucker & Kirk & Rasheeda Frost

I have been hearing about TI and Tiny’s sexual exploits for a while, but as more accusers come forward it’s time to ask some questions about the Harris’ and their friends.

Kandi & Todd Tucker

Real Housewives Of Atlanta star, Kandi Burruss boasts about the fact she is sexually liberated and husband Todd Tucker just love love love adultery as they occasionally participate in ‘threesomes’, with NDA’s (non disclosure agreement) signed.

  • Former RHOA star Phaedra Parks ran with the rumor that Kandi wanted to drug and rape current RHOA star and Atlanta’s senior representative from the PAA (Proud Adulterers Association) who then spread the rumor.
  • What if the rumor wasn’t just about Kandi, but included her friends?
  • Kandi has made a business of sex – sexual toys, the sex dungeon etc.

Kirk & Rasheeda Frost

One of Kandi’s best friends Rasheeda Frost, (who raps like Shawty Lo – RIP) and her husband 4 earrings aka Kirk Frost had a ridiculous story line on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, where Kirk cheated on Rasheeda and impregnating his side chick, Jasmine Washington who later had their son Kannon Frost.

  • Is it possible Rasheeda and Kirk were in an entanglement, situation, threesome aka adultery, with Jasmine and she ended up pregnant?

Clifford ‘TI’ Harris & Tameka ‘ Tiny’ Harris

Now another of Kandi and Rasheeda’s friends ‘ice ole blue eyes’ herself, Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris and her husband ‘virginity expert’ Clifford ‘TI’ Harris, have been accused of drugging and assaulting multiple women, on multiple occasions.

  • TI and Tiny have had a tumultuous relationship and marriage. One of TI’s conquests was someone known in instagram circles, Bernice Bergos, who portrays herself as a social media influencer of sorts.

Bernice Bergos
  • It has been rumored for years that TI and Tiny have hosted these orgies for years and because of their fame.

What if, and this is all conjecture and not fact, that I know of … these local Georgian celebs all participate in these types of soiree’s. It is no coincidence that they all know each other, are all sexual liberal and accept cheating on their spouses for a paycheck.

Please, stans of the folks mentioned in this article, these are just questions.

  • You are known by the company you keep.
  • Show me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are.

If you have any information on the sex parties in Atlanta or anywhere else, contact us.

What are your thoughts? Post your comments, below.


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