Ayesha Curry’s Opinion On Classy Fashion Sparks Debate

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Ayesha Curry-Oct 2015-md

Ayesha Curry

Ayesha Curry, 26, wife to 2015 NBA champion, Golden State Warrior’s star Stephen Curry, 27, and mother to daughters, Riley and Ryan Curry posted some tweets over the weekend, which caught the fury of the bold and the free. She sparked a debate on Twitter after commenting on popular fashion while browsing through a style magazine.

It started with this tweet:

Ayesha started trending, meaning, people were talking about her and tweeting her back in response to her tweets, so much that she became a topic of conversation. Many couldn’t believe she would ‘slut shame’ women to dressing properly and many more were in shock that people are upset that someone thinks covering up is a problem.

I stand with Ayesha. Since when is stating an opinion a problem? People show their boobs and arse all day long, with no problem, the minute someone says they would rather cover up, social media is in an uproar. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.


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