Bad Girls Club – Episode 1

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I’m sure everyone has an opinion about the season 6 opener of The Bad Girls Club but here is mine.

First things first who walks into a house full of strangers and immediately says “out of my way”, Jade sweetie that was a “bad” move (no pun intended). Something about Jade said “she will not last long amongst these other girls.”  But to actually go home only 24 short hours after being in the house that was an immature move.  So that makes me think how bad are you really?  Not much!  I know the people I call my crew would’ve lasted a lot longer and probably until the end. Let’s say this just for argumentative sake, when you called you (Jade) called your mom and she said hang in there you can do it. That should have been enough to keep you going for longer than the next night.  Do it for your mama, if nothing else!  But a real bad girl would have done exactly this when Nikki was saying her piece.  You should have taken the water bottle you had in your hand and thrown it at her from the stairs if you really wanted to be a “bad” girl.  Anyway enough about Jade for now at least.

Next up to the firing squad is Nikki (the self proclaimed tough girl).  I’m not real sure what to think about Nikki.  I read a lot of tweets last night asking if she has some form of mental retardation or was she just that crazy?  People are wondering what planet this girl dropped in from and I must say I concur.  Was it really necessary to throw Jade’s things outside of the house and while I know what you’re thinking its “Bad Girls Club” but was it that serious?  Yes Jade did come in with an I’m bad and I know it you cannot tell me anything attitude but sheesh!  I will also touch briefly on the fact that I noticed some lesbian qualities in Nikki.  Did anyone else pick up on that or was it just me?  I’m not saying I’m just saying.   The girl is a little too rough around the edges it’s almost a little intimidating to watch.  What was the white contraption she had on her eyes?  Sunglasses?  Those in my opinion did nothing for your image but make it worst.

Then we were blessed with beauty and some pretty girl swag by Char and Sydney.  So Char (short for Charmaine) left her corporate America job to be the show. Kudos to you Char for being brave enough to step out on a limb and take a risk.  You still have your education and experience behind you so that will carry you long after the show is over.   Most of the tweets I read and blog comments on other websites, people are rooting for you and I am too.  Char you must admit has talent, pretty girl swag; she has that “like” factor about her.   But I can already see there is a tiger inside of her that is waiting for that moment to pounce in on the prey.  That’s when we are really going to see who Char really is, showing her true colors sort of speak.  Sydney is to cute though I love the way she speaks and carries herself never getting too involved.  It will be interesting to see how things play out for her.

Kori and Lauren where to begin with these two air heads?  Kori dating a gay hair dresser, who hangs out with her ex boyfriend big no, kisses his male friends (that’s suspect).  By the way did anyone else catch the fact that he said he is naked after he just told her (Kori) he was hanging out with her ex boyfriend Jeff? (suspect) The bigger question here is how this comes into play that she (Kori) ends up dating her hairdresser is what I really want to know?  I took from her body language that she kind of maybe knows that he is gay or maybe even bi-sexual and maybe she just does not care.  Kori reminds me of Kristen from last season, doesn’t she even just a little bit?  Lauren it’s like a little kid is in the house she looks like a 12-15 year old girl hanging around with grown adult women.  Now maybe that’s how they are in Kentucky.  Oh hell, the whole damn world is country.  Lauren to me just seems too innocent. Enough said!

Jessica-(the new Lea Lorriane?) well Jessica is just Jessica. I will have more to say about her in the future.

To rap up episode 1: It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

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