Bad Girls Club: Looking So Crazy

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Looking So Crazy
Bad Girls Club Season 6 Ep.2

Nikki your crazy has definitely come out and revealed itself to the roommates and the world. Explain this to me, why would you want to stay in a house where you are not wanted? Something is wrong with you but we just can’t figure out what exactly it is. Telling Sydney’s dude what happened two nights ago that was out of line. Coming from a person that has been in Sydney’s position before that really can get someone seriously hurt. However, if Sydney was super bad she would have knocked the hell out of you when you pulled that crap. Being a person who has experienced what Nikki did to Sydney it is not a comfortable place to be in especially when you are friends with the tattle tell. It really makes you question the trust, the level of friendship, and your accountability. Moving on, why did Nikki have to snatch that purse from Barbie (KORI) in the first place? What was the point of that; if she was mad at Char wouldn’t you take it out on Char not Barbie? As soon as I saw the blood I knew that had to hurt having your fingers sliced open is not a comfortable feeling (take it from me I know). When did Char become a threat to Nikki? She is doing exactly as she should to keep her a** in that house, you make friends with everyone and get them to trust and like you that way you always have an alliance. PLAY THE GAME CHAR!

As for Jessica & Nikki’s relationship that was real short lived. One shopping trip & less than one episode and the two are already at odds; now that should speak volumes to all the Nikki supporters. This girl is really off her rocker.

I’m going to end it this week with this, if they do not want you in the house WHY the hell are you going to stay? I guess maybe next week it will register to Nikki when Char pillow pounds your face. GET OUT NIKKI!

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