Bad Girls Club | Mexico Episode 9 Recap

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Wash, Rinse, Re-Beat

Tonight’s episode picks up where it left off last week; Rima and Mehgan fighting. Fighting over the fact that yes Mehgan was talking mess about her so called BFF and how Rima didn’t take a shower before getting into the jacuzzi. Mehgan then wants to to tell Rima that it wasn’t her who was talking about her.  I mean really, Mehgan, you talk about Rima every single chance you get.  So Erika and Rima decide to go into the confessional and mock Mehgan, about how she is always swinging her hair around and saying she is Obama’s step daughter. Okay Mehgan we heard you like a thousand times already, give it a rest, Lol.

In the meantime, Julie continues her beef with Christina.  Julie calls her best friend and tells her about Christina, how she had better stay away from her face and if not it’s on.  I really don’t think Julie can fight, as she is way to busy about being cute; Orange County Style!

Poor, poor Ashley, is she really all there?  She literally lives in her own little world.  Mehgan decides to talk about Ashley to Ashley’s face.  Asking her “whats five times five”,  “look at your bikini line”, ” do you know that your stomach is bigger than your butt”.  Who does that to a person and doesn’t expect that person to fight back? Ashely does. She thought it was funny, and she admitted that she was stupid.  Okay Ashley, if you’re going to be a “Bad Girl” I’m going to need you to start acting like one.

For a change the girls decide to be nice, have a conversation, well at least Mehgan and Rima are.  The girls attend dinner and they try to behave, they agree not to mess with each other belongings and not throw them in the pool.  We are making some headway here, finally a civil, sensible conversation.  That is until Christina and Falon decide to have an argument.  Falon is seriously trying not to fight in public, especially in Mexico; you can go to jail overnight for that and Julie is trying not to fight also, because she does not want to go to jail.  So much for a nice quiet evening.

The evening would not be complete if the girls didn’t go to a club and shake what they mama gave them, lol……  Rima, Erika, Christina and Ashley are partying having fun.  While Falon, Julie and Mehgan can’t believe that the other girls are having fun.  You’re out on the town, have some fun, stop talking about each other for one minute and enjoy the moment, would you please?!

Christina and Julie argue, finally. I was wondering what was taking so long.  Christina decides to confront Julie about talking about her in the limo on the ride home.  This chance to see Julie fight was like going shopping with someone else’s money.  Julie you’re terrible at fighting, physically.  You talk a good game but that’s about it, all talk. You know what they say about that, “talk is cheap”.

So to sum it all up; Erika asks Mehgan when talking or yelling at her, to please not put your hands in her face, that’s it and all will be good. Rima is missing her little boy, whom she talks to on the phone, he sounds so cute.  Rima is here to prove a point and I am actually pulling for her, because I believe she has what it takes to turn her life around. Christina and Julie finally come to some agreement to not talk to each other, because neither one of them can stand each other.  Okay, let’s see how long that is going to last.  Probably all of 10 minutes.  Erika and Rima call a house meeting to vote Mehgan out of the house because twice Mehgan has started fights and she had agreed not to throw the housemates items in the pool, of course that didn’t last long at all; but the only ones voting for her to leave are Erika, Rima and Christina.  Ashley can’t seem to decide on what she wants to do, so she feels bad that she didn’t have Rima’s back but promises her that next time she will.

Listen, I am so over all this fighting every 15 to 20 minutes.  Its about time that these girls get some type of job while in Cabo San Lucas and try to do something constructive.  Work towards fixing their issues and stop trying to beat everyone up.  Y’all arms should be tired already, I know mine are just from watching you, lol.

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