Bad Girls Club | Season 8, Episode 12 – Recap

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Breakup Breakdown

by Josh Shonewolf

Last time on The Bad Girls Club, two new Bad Girls, Christine and Camilla blew into the house like trashy tornadoes. Christine didn’t fare well and left the next day. Camilla stayed and vowed that she’s here ’til the end. Will Camilla prove that she’s more than a Replacement?

OMG… Elease has a storyline. Mimi flips put, and is shown drinking her sorrows away, as she is feeling pressure to ask the girls if they’re going to flip the script on her, like they did with former roommate Christine. They bullied Christine out of the house, and Mimi thinks she’s next. Mimi is shown completely drunk, screaming “Nobody cares about me!” She has truly made a giant fool of herself, among these women, that’s pretty hard to achieve.

Mimi’s Bad Girls Club bestie, Elease, moves out of the room that she shares with Mimi…because she’s puking all over the room and all over Elease’s sheets! Yuck dot com. Elease decides to move in with newbie, Camilla. Camilla isn’t looking to steal Mimi’s bestie, as Camilla has her sites set on Amy. She feels like she and Amy have so much in common, so she invites Amy to take a shower with her. They’re shown kissing in the confessional, and the took the two-women party to the shower.

Camilla got out of the shower first, being forced to be the one who had to be naked on camera. Amy gets out of the shower and storms at Camilla, and Camilla grabs her by the throat and Amy goes flying backwards. What is wrong with this women?! They had to be broken up by security, and Amy had her blonde weave pulled out. Oh, these girls.

After the vodka wore off the next morning, Amy calls a truce with Camilla, and they high-five and decide to move on and have a good day. That day, they all go zip lining together. They’re told they have to keep their legs opened, and Gia explains “Having our legs open is easy for us.”. The girls ignored Camilla the whole day, and Elease made little comments all day, in response to Camilla saying things like “These girls are jealous of me.” Camilla responds by throwing Elease’s mattress out of her room. She finds Elease to be fake, and the girls respond by throwing Camilla’s mattress into the pool. Wow, these mattress wars never end!

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