Bad Girls Club | Season 8, Episode 13 – Recap

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by Josh Shonewolf

This has been a crazy season filled with crazy Bad Girls, causing drama and tension. Tonight on the finale, the girls are all heading back to their real lives, but FIRST Camilla starts the episode by throwing milk all over the house pictures I the roommates. Crazy woman! Will she make it until the end?

Erica’s rapping dreams are coming to fruition, as the whole season, she’s been recording with DJ Jazzy and playing with beats in his studio. Tonight is her big performance. Erica performs in front of a live audience, a feat that she was concerned about. Her stage fright was put on hold as she gave Nicki Minaj a run for her money.

Camilla is talking to herself in the pool, telling herself that she’s the Baddest Bitch in the House. Erica passes by and spews, “And your weave is wack.” Speaking of hair, Mimi had her blonde hair-piece yanked from her scalp last week, by Most Hated roommate Camilla. Mimi gets her piece sewn back in, and they Camilla mocks her in the confessional, about how bad her hair looks. Weave Wars!

Camilla has been in the house for a very short time, but she’s acting like that last guest of the party that simply won’t take the hint, to hit the road. The original four: Erica, Amy, Mimi, and Gia have battered, bruised, and weave-assaulted 4 roommates out of the house. They are considered “Real Bad Girls,” by achieving this feat. Elease was a Replacement, but she’s been on the show since the beginning, so it feels that she’s an original, even though she’s not. Camilla is the outsider, and they want her gone.

They’re reminiscing over a roommate-dinner, sans Camilla, of course. “This ugly ass turtle goblin monster thing,” was a way that Amy described Camilla’s friend that visited her old pal. Amy is so evil, no big change from episode one. Mimi confronts Camilla, and Camilla knocks her to the ground, prompting a big brawl: Everyone vs Camilla. Camilla seems unfazed, pummeling Mimi and Amy, owning them in the process. Camilla is ejected from the house, after being deemed uncontrollable. The girls win…Camilla is gone!

Ahhhh, we learned nothing, lets wave it. But you should never mess with Amy’s weave, Mimi really loved that Mars necklace, those twins were evil, and sometimes the replacement-roommates are badder than originals. Ultimately, another season of the baddest girls on tv is a wrap. If anything, we laughed at their shortcomings, and it was true blue fun seeing them live their Big Bad Lives. I’ll leave you with a quote from Amy: “It’s Bad Girls Club, you slut!”

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