Bama Belles: Two Bulls in a Pen

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Bama Belle

Dakota apparently cheated on her husband and they were married for only a few months.

It is sad that Jana and her husband are unable to have children as of yet, very heart breaking.

Amie sets up Val on a sort of date with Joshua, a real cowboy where they see him break in a horse. Which I must admit was interesting to watch the process.

Val connects with Joshua

At the bar “Cowboys” Dakota being the confident person that she is, takes Joshua to the dance floor, drinks and basically has fun! Joshua states that Dakota’s reputation precedes her. They bulldog and have swap war stories and scars.

Val has issue with this and is jealous as Joshua didn’t say hello when he first arrived and Dakota dances and drinks the night away with him. Val sometimes you have to be a go-getter and take a leaf out of Dakota’s book. Be proactive.

Obviously Val and Dakota do not get along especially as Val made a comment about missing teeth. Dakota took offense to this as her dad is missing teeth, ok. The reason Dakota’s dad is missing a tooth, is he knocked it out. I know many people that are missing teeth and I am not from Alabama, but most people try to get their teeth fixed, not many people I know prefer to live without teeth.

Lawnmower racing, I am not familiar with this sport. It looked like a lot of fun!

While the ladies congregate at Amie’s house they are looking through Amie’s photo album, Val says the wrong words as always, to Amie “look how skinny you were”. Would Amie have been upset had Val had more meat on her? I have had people tell me that before, when I was a teenager I was a toothpick, I’m not huge now, but I put on some weight with age. I am not sure Amie’s response merited such an outburst. Were you smaller 20 years ago, probably. If you don’t like the way you look like now, do something about it or if you are happy with the way you are, be happy and just chalk Val’s insensitive comment to her young age.

With that short recap. I thoroughly enjoy Bama Belles. Some are offended by how they are being portrayed by the Dothan ladies. I am not offended by any reality wife, it is just pure entertainment, a is blog to come on that soon.

Next week:
The ladies take a road trip to visit Amie’s son at college, and they all embrace campus life.

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