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Coming off the revelation that Erika suggested that Chantal was the bottom of the barrel. Ericka states that she is hyper protective as her parents used to fight. So she is particular about what her daughter is subjected to and she starts crying.

Later Anna, Brooke & Jordana meet with Chantal to continue the discussing of “the bottom of the barrel” comment. Over kill much? Why are they still discussing this, it’s over! Chantal shares a text message that Ericka sent to apologize about the comment. If Chantal is not the bottom of the barrel what does it matter what someone calls her? You know you are not! So let Miss Prissy continue with her perfect life, plus she apologized! Anna tells Chantal to forgive Erika.

Tanya and Chantal go on blind double date with a plastic surgeon Remus and technical engineer Chris to the appropriate, batting cages.

Anna takes Jordana, Tanya, Brooke and Shayla to the gun range, Tanya was flirting with her instructor Morgan, he was cute.

Chantal vents to her friend Shayla about Anna giving her two cents in the “bottom of the barrel” scandal. Chantal is upset that Anna told her to forgive Ericka as it is her decision to forgive her or not. Why Chantal feels the need to draw out this battle is beyond me. Chantal it seems is very sensitive about everything, it is better to not say anything disparaging to or about her.

Chantal on Anna: She ordered me into forgiveness

After that fun day the ladies went to a grungy bar where they meet Morgan

Chantal goes for Remus for a consultation as she wants bigger boobs and wants a botox party, this woman needs no surgery, only food. The ladies meet the doctor and Anna true to form asks if he gives botox to the cooch. Why Anna, why?’

Anna allegedly wrote about Cheri Knoblauch on a note on a plane years ago and showed it to Cheri that she was a “cleat chasing home wrecker“. Cheri apparently did break up a marriage but Chantal is only a friend with someone’s person and had nothing to do with that situation. Which made so much sense. Cheri is a friend of Chantal’s and she flies in from New York to be there for her friend. Cheri enters center stage and is here to kick some butt and handle Anna as she cannot speak for herself.

Cheri on Anna: I have put her in her place before. It’s time for round two.

Another baseball wife Maggie McCraken married to Clinton McCraken is putting together a pin-up calendar of the wives for charity,  for preemies. Her child is was born 16 weeks early. I hope Chantal is not featured. Chantal and Cheri continue their stupid conversation about Anna not telling Chantal to forgive Erika. Chantal just tell Anna you’re not ready to forgive, so silly.

Some of the ladies were painfully thin and did not look like pin-ups girls. When I think of pin-up ladies I think of meatier women, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable, Bettie Page, Lauren Bacall, Yvonne De Carlo I could go on…. It’s a great idea but stick figures, a pin up you do not make!

Sherri finally meets Anna and apparently doesn’t remember who she is, right. Sherri wants to know if she remember her. They start to fight and fight will continue into the first scenes of next weeks episode.

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