Basketball Wives – Episode 4 Recap

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Basketball Wives

Suzy invites Tami out to may be gain an ally, Tami makes it know she is not taking sides, but will have to check with Evelyn if she can be friends with Suzy. What? Evelyn runs Miami now? Why would you need Evelyn’s permission?

Jennifer is still unable to barely say the words separation or divorce. I still think she loves him and wants to stay with Eric. Eric of course cannot be bothered.

Evelyn gets rid of her Range Rover which was a gift from her ex-fiance Antoine Walker. She now has a Porsche.

Shaunie lands a shoot with The Source, the wardrobe is limited and the photographer is late so she cancels the shoot.

Ashley is having an event for her charity Mission of Love on the same day as her boyfriends son’s birthday, why would you schedule an event on the same day as your boyfriends son? Evelyn and Jennifer are not invited. Jennifer cannot believe that she is not invited. Is Jennifer crazy, why would you invite someone that accused you of putting a friend’s telephone number on craiglist. If you weren’t invited why crash? Both Jennifer and Evelyn state that Suzy needs to cut it out, as Suzy was invited and they were not. Suzy didn’t create the guest list. Childish.

Jennifer sees the same therapist as Tami, that’s weird. Jennifer says Eric is trying to stay in her good graces. Really? Since when?

Evelyn and Jennifer crash the party and I do not know why they thought this was a good idea. Why did Ashley wave at them? They crashed her event. Wow. No shame. Suzy makes a sharp exit.

Evelyn, Suzy is going to run away as you have threatened to hit her multiple times.

Are we still on this foodstamp garbage? So Jennifer has never seen a food stamp. Neither have I. Tami if you had a problem with Jennifer’s statement take it up with her at the time she said it. But your behavior at the event was shameful.

Next week:
Evelyn and Jen help Royce and Dwayne with a fashion fund-raiser, but they soon regret volunteering. Tami has elective surgery done.

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