Basketball Wives | Evelyn Lozada Not Returning For Season 5?

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Evelyn Soon To Be A Football Wife!

Evelyn Lozada and Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson will be getting married in 7 days, 7/4/2012. Evelyn interviewed with Egypt and shed some light on some of the rumors on her wedding and season 5 of Basketball Wives.

So you guys finally found a wedding venue?
We did. You know what that story came out and I was like this is bs and what ended up happening- I’ll make a long story short- Because we were filming a reality show, that was the issue. So if you were filming a reality show, a lot of these hotels are very protective of their environment, their employees, so they don’t necessarily want people to film.

They thought maybe you were going to get on the table and crack a glass over Chad at the wedding or something
Well that’s what people thought and I was like no that’s not what it is. It just has to do with reality tv in itself, so it wasn’t an Evelyn thing.

So are you excited? How do you feel right now? Is this the man of your dreams? Yeah it is. You know we met and I was just like- and I always say you know when you know and I know that’s so cliché, but I do you know. And we’re not perfect, we have our own issues, but yeah, I was thinking about it in the car. I was like oh my god, I’m getting married. Me and Chad have a bet. I was like you’re going to give me $50,000 if you cry because he keeps saying, and I know I’m gonna win, but he keeps saying I’m not gonna cry and I’m like yes you are. I know you are. I hope they get that all on camera. They will. You will see everything. On the show you’ll see all the ups and downs- the planning and everything I had to go through and the good and the bad.

So you have a new book. Guys if you haven’t picked it up, it is quite juicy. It’s called the Inner Circle. Now she’s saying its fiction although I heard you took a lot of your life experiences and put them in the book.
Exactly. So throughout my previous relationship I would journal often- you know I wasn’t working and I was like you know let me just jot down everything that’s going on and when that relationship ended, I moved out and I bumped into these journals and I was going through them, well let me look at this, and I was like oh my god, a lot of these stories are juicy, but not necessarily things I want to talk about publicly you know? I would never do that to him or anyone, and I handed over the journals to Courtney Parker who helped me write the book and she read every single page and then she added her twist to it so yeah a lot of the stories are real.

Does this mean that you will not be coming back for “Basketball Wives” Season 5? Um, I don’t know. You know I honestly don’t know because we don’t know what the cast is going to look like. We just stopped filming what like a month and a half ago, because as the show was airing, we were still filming. So, I don’t know. Negotiations start I think August, September.

Source: Egypt Said So

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