Basketball Wives: Finale (Recap)

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Evelyn goes to see Chad Ochocinco upon her arrival she sees his shoes match his belt, she likes that. They go out to dinner and they outline their expectations of their friendship or relationship. Evelyn makes use of a sexy negligee she purchased recently when out with Jennifer. Our Jenn didn’t waste any time. She returns to Miami and tells Jennifer about her great time in Cinci. Jennifer thinks she is rushing into something too soon and especially with an athlete after she stated she didn’t want to date another athlete. Evelyn in her side interview thinks Jennifer may be jealous. Jennifer’s marriage is over, maybe she is. Hmmm

Jennifer launches her lip gloss “Lucid” party, Evelyn know nothing about it, aren’t they best friends? Why did Jennifer act surprised when Shaunie said they knew nothing about the lip gloss line. Then said she wanted to keep it a surprise.

Royce is accused of playing both sides of the alpha group Evelyn, Tami… and the beta group Suzie, Gloria…

Major bombshell: Evelyn slept with Tami’s husband Kenny at the time they were married

Tami starts an emotional speech and thanks Jennifer and Tami for their friendship and support.

Shaunie tells Evelyn to tell Tami of her affair, Tami pushes Evelyn confess. Why? Have we not seen Tami tipsy and angry? Evelyn confesses that she did not know Kenny was married at the time they were dating. Tami doesn’t believe her and they fight. They are separated by the cast and producers. Wow.

The two part reunion airs Sunday & Monday at 8/7c

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