Basketball Wives LA: Episode 10 – Recap

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Gloria and Laura go swimsuit shopping for the Hawaii trip. Were Gloria and Laura trying on swimsuits with no underwear on? Where did Laura get her bathing suit money  from? Jackie is still upset over the hair and weight comments that Laura made about her, even though Laura apologized.

Laura was storing some of her items in Imani’s garage. Imani then calls a moving company and has everything removed, because she is angry over what Laura allegedly said about her. Who is going to pay for the storage facility? Why does Imani have Laura’s boxes anyway and not Gloria her sisters at her home?

They arrive in Hawaii and on the way to the hotel, the ladies started mimicking each others catch phrases. Everyone was fine until Jackie is mimicked and she didn’t like it. You can dish it, but can’t take it. Later at dinner, Jackie immediately thinks there is a division at the dinner table, as Laura, Gloria and Malaysia sit on one side. May be they just wanted to sit together, not everything is a conspiracy theory.

Laura: You’re like 59 1/2 what are you doing?

Jackie is upset and crying as she ate pork, she hasn’t eaten red meat or pork in 10 years. I don’t eat pork or red meat, so I understand, pork is unclean to me. But shouldn’t you know and ask the people who brought out the food what it is you are about to eat before you eat it. Does pork taste like chicken? How does Imani not know the difference, better yet, how does Jackie not know pork and chicken taste differently? I ask about everything before it is put on my plate.

Draya wants to know why is Laura all in her face if she doesn’t like her, she discusses this with Jackie. Because you are taping a reality show Draya!

Jackie spends too much time worrying and talking about the problems the ladies have with Laura. Her rocks get lit when talking about the drama.

Gloria laughs at the comments being made by that the ladies about their surfing lessson, “My hair will get wet“, “I can’t swim.” These are legitimate concerns, Black women normally don’t like getting their hair wet, this is a known fact. I can’t swim? C’mon what do u want Malaysia to do, drown? Jackie wore a shower cap while surfing and I am supposed to want to wear her fashion line, I think not! Was she drunk or high?!

Laura decides to confront Imani about what she heard Laura said about her after the ladies messed about with a large turtle. Imani tells Laura she was told that Laura called her trifling and not a good friend. Laura asks if that sounds like her and if the rumors came from one person – which was obviously Jackie. Why the hell didn’t Imani just ask Laura first instead of deciding what happened before confirmation. Jackie on the other hand is telling the others that Laura and Imani shouldn’t have a sidebar and it should be shared with the group? Why it’s none of their business! Jackie got caught in her lying mess and is watching it all blow up in her face.

Jackie: All the talking behind peoples back is stupid, talking about it in the group is better.

Is Jackie serious?

Jackie states that Laura has called her up at 7 o’clock in the morning and has vented about Imani, then Laura allegedly calls Imani and tells her lies. Jackie is very intent on finding out what Laura and Imani spoke about.

Later that night, Laura meets with Imani and Malaysia. Imani is quick to jump the ship after formulating an opinion without finding out what happened previously and now believes Laura. The ladies decide to confront Jackie later, they believe that Jackie wants everyone to hate each other and love her.

Jackie needs help.

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