Basketball Wives LA: Episode 11 – Recap & Poll

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The ladies start off trying to sort out the lies from the truth. Laura who was definitely not the one to referee this session, spoke too quietly and really didn’t get to the point. They should have just asked Jackie, did you say this, did you say that? Instead it was a mangled unresolved mess with Jackie taking over the conversation instead of saying, this is what you said to me and that is why I did this. After the conversation which was left open, they went shopping? WTH?!

While shopping Jackie appeared desperate and was trying to friend everyone. No one, not even Draya wanted to be with her.

This whole episode seemed like a convoluted mess. Unless it was due to heavy editing, Jackie did not come off favorably this episode.

They go horseback riding and Jackie’s horse was the bad one.

Malaysia spoke to a Basketball Wife – who was that? Who told her what Jackie has been saying about them all – Gloria allegedly slept with someone other than Matt. May be that was the reason she and Matt broke up, she didn’t deny the claim. Also Imani is unstable, Draya needs to be kept away from Doug, Laura and Malaysia are s**t starters. If this is true, Jackie has been busy. Jackie admits that she said everything. So I understand why Jackie doesn’t see why this would be a problem.

The ladies go on a sunset boat trip, Jackie is emotional talking to Draya calling everyone else a liar. Doug joins Jackie on the ladies holiday, why? They have dinner and she vents to Doug – they can’t keep men, they are bum b**ches, the men they have ain’t good men. They also need to be thrashed naked, stoned and have holy water thrown on them. Jackie calls Imani the big one, hmmmm interesting.

Jackie thinks she didn’t allow them to hear her. Jackie spoke over all of them and dominated the conversation.

Jackie it appears was voted off the “island” for this week at least. Jackie claims she is the 1st lady of the NBA, since when?

Jackie: You’re nothing, I’m everything

Next week is the 1st season finale!

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