Basketball Wives LA | Episode 8 – Recap 10/17

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Jackie is something else, she is two faced and immature. She has heard that Laura has been talking about her and is slick and sarcastic towards Laura when they greet each other at Laura’s event for EOYDC the East Oakland Youth Development Center. Instead of handling this issue like an adult and asking Laura about the gossip she has heard, she drops snide comments and pretends to be friends with Laura. Who does that? She wants to get to the bottom of all the gossip. Really Jackie? Stop it! Security! She gossips to Malaysia that a few of the ladies are telling her that Malaysia is churchy and basically stuck up especially as she is from the hood. Which girls were these? Jackie is a hot mess and is too old to be behaving trailer, hood and childish.

Draya has to leave the event early and decides to have Malaysia babysit Jackie. Why does Draya who was almost swallowed up by Jackie two episodes ago think that Jackie is now her responsibility?

Laura apparently said that Jackie’s hair is terrible and her fashion is eff’d up. That is no lie. What is Jackie thinking stepping out the house looking the way she has on television? C’mon lady, you do not look good with your tata’s hanging out all the time and that hair, what is going on? May be that is why she wore a hat most of the episode because she knows she needs a stylist!

Laura is leaving for Orlando, which was news for her family, which means she was probably reuniting with her estranged fiance Gilbert Arenas. (Recently Laura reunites with Gilbert with a 23 carat ring!).

What on earth was Draya wearing on the beach with her son and mother. That was a date bikini, not a spend time with your son and mother bikini.

Gloria and Matt speak to some boys and girls at a basketball camp,which is great. I have to assume that VH1 edits out the ladies mature activities and efforts, as it can’t all be fighting and shenanigans right? Gloria states that Matt is a big philanthropist. You have to be when you are making so much money as the taxes will kill you if you don’t donate a lot, it is more cost effective when you donate to charity, although there is nothing wrong with that. They also mentioned earlier at Gloria’s parents home that the twins were going to be blessed at their church, I was wondering which twins? I then realized that it was their twins. Their children are almost 3 years old. I thought children normally were blessed at 2-6 months old. Children shouldn’t be able to walk around on the pulpit when being presented before God, just my thoughts. Gloria’s narrated during the blessing that she could see Matt suggesting marriage as she is dressed in white and they are in a church. Oh please! VH1 cuts to some lovey dovey scenes of Gloria and Matt with their children. They will get married she says, in the future. Let’s cut the rubbish, if a couple wants to get married they will when they are ready and know each are the one. Gloria as of recent claims she is not ready to get married, is that Matt’s or her decision?

Draya is out with Jackie showing her some of the materials for her swimwear line and of course Jackie gives her 3 cents. Jackie thinks the line is not for volum-chew-ous women, or for women without brazilian waxes, it’s volumptious Jackie. Jackie shows Draya some of the clothes in her clothing line. Jackie has no authority on fashion and is not the one to go to for any style and giving Draya ideas on her swimwear line was a joke.

Jackie couldn’t wait to tell Gloria about the problem she has with Laura. Gloria’s response to the alleged gossiping, “I don’t think Laura was saying those things maliciously“. When is someone talking about weight, hair etc, not malicious, Gloria? C’mon! LOL!

Can someone tell me what Gloria had in her ears, some blue and turquoise donut earrings?

Draya: When you wrestle with pigs you get dirty,  but I don’t want to get dirty

This was the funniest line of the night. Malaysia gets back to her jewelry line for children and invites the ladies to a focus group preview of the jewelry line. Jackie true to form, kissed more butt as she was amazed that the jewelry was actually nice. The jewelry was nice and I am sure expensive as hell and not the type of jewelry one should give to a young child. Imani goes to Malaysia’s jewelry preview in jean short cutoffs, what was that about? Jackie is telling anyone who will listen at Malaysia’s event about what Laura is saying about her, she protesteth too much I think. Why bring up this topic at an event? Not classy Jackie.

Imani tells Malaysia about Laura, “I’m not mad at what she said but I over extended myself to her”. Which basically means Imani is mad at her.

Jackie is trying to turn everyone against Laura, without anyone finding out if Laura is guilty of the charges first.

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