Basketball Wives LA | Episode 9 Recap – 10/24

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The episode continues with Jackie gushing way too much over Malaysia’s jewelry line. They talk about Laura alienating everyone, Imanistates she has done so much for Laura – getting her children in school and storing her furniture at her home. Don’t Laura’s parents live in LA why aren’t they helping her? Why have Jackie, Malaysia or anyone else who supposedly have been spoken about behind their backs by Laura, asked her about it? That would be too mature right? Jackie asked Laura if she thought Draya was adorable, adorable? Draya is a adult not a teddy bear. Sometimes I think Jackie has a crush on Draya. Laura says no. Jackie is the biggest stirrer out of all these basketball wives. Why does not one see that Jackie is a crap stirrer and likes to start, mix and bake the drama.


Draya: That’s not sexy and you need all the sexy points you can get.

Matt and Gloria are on the radio and are advertising his golf charity.

Jackie and her sisters are reading at their mother’s bedside who is getting sicker by the moment.

The ladies attend Matt and Gloria’s cancer event. What is Jackie wearing, she need double spanx. Jackie cannot wait to start the gossip and she takes great joy in talking about Laura, way too much joy.

Jackie: If you don’t know me, google me.

Who are you Jackie?

Jackie wants Imani to confront Laura at a cancer event? At a cancer event, knowing this is a serious and worthy charity, her own mother has cancer and she couldn’t just respect the event and start her mess at another time. Didn’t Jackie already squash her issue? What is wrong with her. Jackie is too old to be behaving like a 15 year old. Jackie act your age and not your shoe size. You are a mother of 3 and grandmother of 2. STOP IT!

Jackie: I’m sexy as a mother fucker


Who is approving Gloria’s earrings, from the donuts last week to the dangling mess in this episode. What was Jackie wearing at the VIP cancer event. She does not dress appropriately, she need a stylist immediately.

Jackie wants everyone to confront and fight everyone. Jackie is insecure and wants to be the queen bee. Could Jackie try any harder to be such an evil individual?

Laura admitted she did say that Jackie looked pregnant, but she did say she herself looks pregnant too. Laura just had a baby. What is Jackie’s excuse. Get thicker skin and tell Laura that offended you instead of rounding up the mob to start a fight.

Laura thinks that she and Imani are close boy is she delusional. Imani has yet to talk to Laura about the rumors she has heard. What is wrong with these women, you hear a rumor, confront it and stop having round table meetings about something that may not be true.

Gloria, Imani and Jackie decide to all go on vacation to either Seattle, Hawaii or New York. Seattle or New York, really? You might as well go the local zoo if Seattle or New York is an option. Hawaii should have been the first choice! Go to Fiji or Bali, think outside the box ladies.

Draya lets Malaysia in on what’s going on with Laura.

These ladies love them so gossip!

Update – Draya apparently was not apologizing to Laura for talking about her children but sleeping with Gilbert Arenas, which VH1 cleverly edited.

Next Week
The ladies are off to Hawaii for some fun in the sun, but the revelation that Jackie’s been pitting them against each other heats up more.

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