Basketball Wives LA: Reunion Part 1 – Recap

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Everyone looked great, although Jackie not so much. Why did she get up and wave like she was a queen when she was introduced?

Laura has lost weight and looked good. She was lost throughout the whole episode and seemed dazed and confused. She also tried to make it seem that she wasn’t trying to beat up Draya in the ring, which we all know and saw because of what she thought Draya said about her children.

Malaysia looked like a wrapped up christmas present.

Gloria talks about her time off with Matt, they showed an segment which showed Matt saying he wants to raise his children in the same house with Gloria and be with her. So I believe Matt still wanted the relationship to work at that time. Gloria offers some rickety excuse as Matt wanting marriage too late and never being alone and getting, engaged, pregnant and moving across the state, please. She wants to focus on herself and her children. Gloria has landed a movie role.

Jackie should have worn clear deodorant, sleeves and spanx. Jackie must be related to Meeka Claxton as she talks in many circles. The armpit fat was just flying! Jackie admits she did pass on information to Imani.  Then Jackie and Imani went into a what time, phone calls were placed. Jackie doesn’t feel bad about googling Draya and doesn’t regret it.

Draya said that the child abandonment allegations were all made up and false.

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Imani was asked by John how she became the keeper of Laura’s belonging. Why didn’t he ask why her sister didn’t keep her things?

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I hope in part 2 they cover Jackie’s eldest daughter. Gloria possibly cheating on Matt. The questions in part 1 sucked. They also never covered Kimsha or Tanya just dropping off the face off the earth. What did you think?

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