Basketball Wives LA | Episode 8 Recap

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The drama continues at Brooke’s birthday pool party. Draya arrives and Jackie puts on her sneakers, she tells Brooke, “I’m changing my shoes so I can have a drink” … what?! Is that LA etiquette now? We wear a swimsuit and sneakers that don’t match for drinks? This episode is going way down the tubes very quickly. Jackie is under the impression that Draya could flip at at any second. Is Jackie on this planet? I think Jackie is cool, but her last interaction with Draya, was messy and could have been avoided, but made it clear for anyone with half a brain that Draya doesn’t care about Jackie. Why would Jackie think that Draya would turn violent and that she needed her sneakers to make a quick exit? Unless there has been major editing during this episode and season.

Draya brings cigars for the ladies, including Jackie. Jackie thinks Draya has a bomb for her in the cigar. No that’s not a crazy thought at all.

Malaysia: “So Bambi decided to go to the pool party and I’m excited (we’ll address that excitement later) and I wasn’t thinking it was going to be un-kuhmf-tabow … this statement has nothing to do with the flow of this blog, but it annoys the hell out of me, it’s just that poor Malaysia can’t seem to speak quite right. Enunciate – enunciate your words honey! It’s uncomfortable! Not un-kuhmf-tabow!

Bambi arrives and Brooke wants to address their issues. Brooke wants to know if they are going to fist fight, how are they going to handle their problems? Fist fight? Brooke is a mother of 3 big kids. What the hell are you doing, wanting to know if you are going to fist fight? Have a conversation. Try it sometime. Bambi tells her some of things she has heard that Brooke might have said, “this b*tch, she ain’t sh*t, she’s ghetto, she’s from South Central,” Brooke admits she’s ghetto, (great), and she might have said what Bambi is alleging. Bambi I think was taken aback from Brooke admitting that and she doesn’t know what to say. Then Bambi said they could have squashed their beef had she admitted to saying those things a long time ago. Really? These women along with a few others like to draw out and rehash the drama for no apparent reason, but for ratings and trying to look hard. You don’t look hard, you look stupid.

I don’t know whether Jackie is mental deranged or an incredible actress, she is now telling Draya she adores her. Jackie tells Draya she brings humor to her conversation with Draya, because she’s funny to her in a nice way. What?! Is there a doctor out there?

Now for Laura and Bambi. Laura invites Bambi out to the park to talk, Bambi does not want to hug Laura when she arrives. Bambi wants to know what’s up with Laura and the group  – Laura does not have a relationship with Jackie – she’s trying to play Jackie apparently this season, by pretending to be Jackie’s friend to her face and then dog her badly behind her back. Maturity at it’s best. Bambi states that Laura needs to chill. Then Laura tells Bambi she needs to chill….. (Is Laura for real?). The conversation continues and I need a drink after listening to them go back and forth, Laura tells Bambi she needs to get to know her and find out who she is. Laura, Bambi already know who you are, a flake and a fake. Put Jackie out of her misery and tell her you do not want anything to do with her.

Malaysia’s Dictionary
un·kumf·tabow, en. Un·com·fort·a·ble
1. causing discomfort or distress; painful; irritating.
2. in a state of discomfort; uneasy; conscious of stress or strain.

Pee·pow en. Peo·ple
1. whether men, women, or children, considered as numerable individuals forming a group: Twenty people volunteered to help.
2. the persons  of any particular group, company, or number (sometimes used in combination): the people of a parish; educated people; salespeople.

Luv·uh·buhl en. Lovable
1. having qualities that attract affection

Malaysia, Draya and Bambi meet for drinks. Draya’s earrings are out of this world! They looked like a set of children’s toy blocks. Bambi tells them about her encounter with Laura in the park. They are in shock at her revelation. Bambi tells them the details. It doesn’t take long for Draya to become drunk, she asks for the ladies opinion on Jackie’s behavior at Brooke’s party. Malaysia comes to the conclusion that Jackie and Malaysia really like each other and they are only butting heads. They are all tipsy at this point.

Malaysia’s excitement from earlier – Draya and Bambi are flirting with each other and Malaysia feels left out. So she decides to make them uncomfortable by telling to kiss each other. Right it doesn’t make any sense to me either, two tipsy chicks making out with each other is supposed to make them uncomfortable, when what you really want to do is make out with either one of them? They kiss and neither one is uncomfortable, darn Malaysia your “plan” backfired.

Jackie and Laura go hiking and Laura states she is trying to throw her of a ledge, Laura’s faux dislike of Jackie is so boring. They discuss the party, Jackie thought Malaysia wasn’t being herself but they allegedly talked about it and now they are ok. Really? Laura tells Jackie about the conversation she had with Bambi.

Laura is meeting the ladies for her mixology class as she used to be a bartender. Jackie arrives in a black trench coast, in Los Angeles. Brooke has something to get off her chest, wouldn’t this be more appropriate in private and not at Laura’s event? Brooke states that Malaysia hung up on her during their last conversation. It sounds like Brooke was more concerned with if the ladies like her, seeing that she is just getting to know the circle. Did Brooke have a few drinks before she arrived? Then we hear someone clapping. Jackie. Clapping like a drunk maniac, everyone turns to see what the hell is going on with Jackie, who at his point is obviously feeling left out of the drama. Bambi expression was priceless, I’m sure she was thinking, ‘what in the hell?’

Jackie: “Faking is some bullsh*t”

What? Why couldn’t Jackie just stay out of this one? She is already in enough mess as it is. They’re drinking and talking and everything seems to be ok, for now. Then Draya arrives.

Draya is dressed like a strung-out-pimped-out-hookered-Jackie. A hot a** mess! Complete with dark weave, lots of necklaces a cheetah print iPad case and water bottle filled with liquor. By the look of Jackie’s expression, she knew Draya was going to dress up as her. They think they are fooling us with their ‘reality’ tv.

Draya: “I adore you all so much” .. Madness LOL!

Then Jackie in turn wanting to mimic Draya and do her impression, goes into the bathroom and strips down to her Draya look, and wants to give Draya a taste of her own medicine. She disrobes and unveils her spanx and bra and parades for all to see. A proud moment for the Christie family and many props to Jackie for doing that, because I sure couldn’t.

Jackie: “Even though she tried to be funny I love her”.

No you don’t Jackie, stop playing. Jackie, honey, she didn’t just try to be funny, Draya, was funny. Your response was just uncalled for. Even the bartender was laughing his butt off. This scene was shockingly hilarious but so out of place. Jackie, keep your clothes on. Then Jackie stated that her act blew Draya away. Again, we must not make fun of the mentally unstable. Draya wasn’t blown away, you made her laugh and sick or turned on at the same time! Jackie then uttered those lying words, “neither one of us had any idea what we were going to do”. Right!

Draya: “Listen, I adore all of you individually and that’s what it is”

I think at this point, VH1 knows this ship, although rating highly is absolutely terrible so they threw all their chips in this game and said to the ladies, whatever you want to do, just do it all, in front of the camera. Bad move VH1, bad move. Draya and Jackie continue with their banter about who’s ring cost $300,000 etc,. them Jackie decides to bring Brooke into the mix, by pretending to be Draya and saying that, “Brooke didn’t get a magazine cover and she [Draya] did”.


Jackie: "I'm not trying to fight"

Jackie takes out her pepper spray. For what? Jackie and Brooke get into it, and start arguing and get up from their seats. Brooke takes off her jacket they continue to argue about what if’s. Then VH1 with the beauty of editing cuts out the fight. Next we see Jackie’s hair looking like a birds nest and Brooke angry as hell.

Even Bambi tries to stop the fight

The weave got messed the hell up!

Don't mess with Brooke, 3 women try to hold back the Incredible Hulk!

Jackie just had to get one last jab in

Well VH1 decides to air the before and after but not the during. They can let us see the monstrosity that was Basketball Wives – Evelyn throwing a wine bottle at Kenya, Evelyn hitting Jennifer in the head, Nia smacking Jennifer in the face, Tami going full force verbal on Kesha but they edit out Brooke going ballistic on Jackie. Well done VH1, you take the moral low ground.

Jackie and Doug arrive in Seattle. Jackie is apprehensive as she hasn’t visited her mother’s grave site since the funeral and she and her daughters are not on the best of terms. That’s putting it lightly, remember the articles I posted about Jackie’s eldest daughter, Takari Lee and her alleged eviction, take a look at the articles, they are interesting to say the least.

Jackie is at her mothers gravestone and she is talking to herself (the grave), about her problems and issues with her daughter and ‘friends’.

Jackie hires a family therapist to come and talk with her and her daughters. Shouldn’t Jackie be in therapy for a long time first before she get’s therapy for her children? Doug sensibly decides to leave and take the dog for a walk…

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