Basketball Wives LA | The Reunion Questions

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Basketball Wives LA Reunion Questions

What questions do you hope they ask at the reunion, here are some I think should be asked.

  1. Jackie are you and your daughter Ta’Kari speaking and did you evict her with two children including a 2 month old baby, your two grandchildren. Do you expect us to believe you speak everyday and have a great relationship, especially because of the blogs she has posted?
  2. Draya what is the truth about your child abandonment situation, is the police report fiction? Why did your son say he was left alone? Were you out on $25,000 bond? Did you do community service for this?
  3. Imani did you lie to your ex-fiance Stephen Jackson about your age, the amount of children you had and why didn’t you sign the pre-nup he wanted?
  4. Jackie you are on your 4th marriage, you have nothing to say to anyone about their lifestyle – Draya, Laura etc.
  5. Draya did you sleep with Laura’s fiance, Gilbert Arenas?
  6. Jackie why are you so two faced.
  7. Jackie why are you acting like a mean, childish girl from the 7th grade?
  8. Jackie no one wants to see you sagging breasts, please cover them up. That’s not a question but it needed to be mentioned.
  9. Jackie, Imani and Draya you all had an issue with Laura allegedly as she was talking about you behind your backs, why didn’t talk to her first instead of gossiping like 14 year olds?
  10. Gloria, why on earth are you trying so hard to look tough now? You were in the same position Draya was in the first season of Basketball Wives.
  11. Jackie if Doug is committed to you, why would you need to keep him away from Draya?
  12. Jackie, Laura, Gloria, Imani and Malaysia are you jealous of Draya because she is younger and prettier?
  13. Malaysia why do you apply your red lipstick with a huge paintbrush?
  14. Gloria you were involved in a “Cash For Grades” scandal . Cash for Grades is when hackers change grades in the computer system and students pay them for their services. Gloria pled to a lesser charge and received no jail time. She could have gone to prison for three years in state prison. What do you have to say about that?

What questions do you hope are asked?

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