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Royce Reed one of the original cast members from VH1’s hit series has quit Basketball Wives. Her reason she posted via twitter yesterday.

Royce Reed: Good Afternoon! As of right now I have decided NOT 2return 4 Season 4 of BBW due 2 artistic differences.Things may change but as of now, NO! I want to thank all my fans for your support. Some things have Nothing to do with money but All to do with images/careers! Never sell your soul! Respect is hard 2 come by! 🙂

Artistic differences? What art and what differences? Maybe money?

Shaunie, Jennifer and Evelyn had already made it clear they will not film any scenes with her. So what choice did she have?

A response on VH1’s blog:

…we’re blindsided by the news that Royce might be gone.

VH1 says she might be gone? According to Royce she is done. Royce is still under contractual agreement to appear on the next season. Nyle Washington, a senior publicist at VH1, tells Loop 21 via email.

Don’t worry for those who liked Royce she is working on a follow up to part one of her book College Girls there will be four more books in the series.

VH1 had already put out a casting call for new replacements last month.

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