Basketball Wives | Season 4, Episode 4

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Motor mouth Suzie tells Jennifer about Kenya’s meeting at the club.

Evelyn and Kesha meet up and they discuss Kenya and Tami attitude towards her blackness. Kesha feels offended that Tami thinks she isn’t Black enough. Evelyn suggests that she have a talk with Tami. Why would Evelyn think that was a good idea? Tami hasn’t gotten over her anger issues and is very angry and loud most of the time.

Jennifer does a photo-shoot for J’adore magazine. You can see the picture here.

Kesha, Royce and Peanut (the dog) go for a walk in Central Park. They discuss how Suzie get’s 30 orgasms in a row. Really Suzie?

The day of Kenya’s video shoot is here! Her crew – dancers, rapper haven’t arrived as yet, which isn’t a good start. She sounds good, but looked stiff from the footage I saw.

Observation: What on earth was Jennifer wearing in her green screen interviews? She was showing too much chest, the dress looked too big and she looked emaciated.

Jennifer launches Lucid at Big Drop in New York. She has been selling online and now she has the opportunity to sell in retail stores. Good job Jennifer. Kenya and Suzie showed their support, no one else turned up.

Tami states she wasn’t invited to the launch, albeit it was Jennifer’s 10th launch? Wow lol. Tami tells Jennifer about Kenya’s cd-snatched-from-a-hotel-and-not-prepared-for-her-meeting mess, Evelyn cracks up. Evelyn also informed Tami that Keshia was offended over Tami’s you sound white comments.

Kehsia hosts an event for the National Brain Tumor Society. Keshia asks the ladies if they could behave themselves especially Suzie. Everyone was offended. Why? They have behaved badly at every function they have gone to ever for 4 seasons!

So now Tami thinks that Keshia is fake as Keshia didn’t tell Tami immediately that she had a problem with her comments. Does Tami not know who she is? Is she approachable? NO! Tami was upset that Keshia told Evelyn first before she was told that Keshia had an issue with her. How childish can Tami get? We all know how she can be, we’ve watched all the seasons. May be Keshia wanted to test the waters to see if she could talk to Tami, woman to woman. Keshia states they don’t have to agree on everything but they can be respectful.

Tami: I will treat you with respect when I want to

If Keshia, came to Tami first, there would still be an issue for Tami. Come on who is she kidding? Kenya was laughing her butt off during Tami’s rant and enjoyed it way too much. Then stated we have to do things their way. What is this the mafia? Tami you need to get your money back from your therapist and go to a behavioral boot camp.

Tami: We don’t always show our a**, we know how to conduct ourselves.

Not on camera you don’t Tami.

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