Basketball Wives | Season 4, Reunion Part One – Recap

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Why was Jennifer held backstage like she was a criminal, both Tami and Evelyn are the violent ones. Evelyn felt this was best? Really why? Because of legal issues Jennifer had to stay backstage for the introductions, then was brought on stage later. That made NO sense whatsoever!

@iamjennifer: FYI- it was not my choice to be backstage! Shed Media was on some BS!

Evelyn thinks that they harped too much on their issues with Jennifer and Evelyn.

Shaunie who calls herself executive producer and cast member and who doesn’t fight, really? But you allowed others to fight and enjoyed the childish behavior. Shaunie claims she has heard all the calls from the public about the violence, she also states they are all claiming responsibility for their actions; that is all well and good, when the damage has been done. Cop out. Shaunie is stating that there will be balanced content for the next season – really? They [VH1, Shed Media] are going to do their best to show more positive content. This only happened because of the petitions and people tweeting and facebook’ing the hell out of the violent characters and VH1. No one likes to lose money. Shed media and the “Executive Producers” are lying, they like the drama, hence the mammoth ratings.

If anyone should have been put outside, it should have been Tami.

Kesha Nichols: Wow. I can’t believe they cut out the entire bullying issue. They showed none of it. Very disappointing

Now onto Tami and Kesha. Tami would have treated Kesha better had Kesha come to Tami “calm, reasonable and mature” Roman with her issues. Is Tami high? Which Tami can take any constructive criticism? Not Tami Akbar Anderson Roman. Tami claims it would have made a difference if Kesha approached her. Tami may keep it real, but I am sure Tami would have had issue with Kesha stating I didn’t like the way you asked me about my ethnicity, I have had issues from when I was a little growing up among mostly white people. Even Tami fans know Tami would not have handled it any better either way. Get out of here with that lie.

With what happened in Tahiti, My bad that was very disrespectful, my bad? Tami said she apologized for how she said it but not what she said. John Salley then said that Tami is doing a good job in anger management? Has he seen scenes that we the viewers haven’t? Tami goes to therapy and then goes off on her cast-members. It’s not working! Tami needs to go to therapy home where she cannot leave for 90 days! Is Tami still attending therapy now that the cameras have stopped rolling? Not a word was mentioned of Tami’s heart attack – A sign that Tami need to calm the hell way down!

We watch a recap of Evelyn going after Kenya, she feels regret as her step-daughters thought her throwing the bottle at Kenya was funny, she now feels she needs to be a better example. How quaint. If that bottle injured Kenya, there would be another police report and arrest.

Evelyn claims that her rift with Jennifer started off with an interview, then a blog and it escalated from there.

Is it me or are there too many replayed clips from season 4?

Now it’s the Jennifer and Nia slap, Johns asked the best question of the episode, America saw that Nia was going to slap Jennifer, why didn’t any of the ladies, stop her. Their response? They didn’t realize, it would happen. Kesha got up and out way. Are we to assume the ladies were drunk out of their minds and their reflexes were a little slow? BS! They knew and allowed that travesty. Evelyn thinks Nia slapping Jennifer was no big deal as she has gotten slapped before and never called the police on whoever slapped her. What?! Evelyn also states she [Jennifer] continued to film with the cast. Isn’t Jennifer under contract? If she stopped filming wouldn’t she be sued by VH1 and Shed Media? Nia was invited to the show, but she declined due to her legal counsel. Nia was at the reunion in Evelyn’s dressing room. Why would Shed Media and VH1 invite her? They love the violence and the drama, that’s why.

John asks Jennifer why didn’t she charges against her then husband Eric when he threw a drink in her face.

He [Eric] could have knocked your contacts to the back of your head.

John was wrong for that. Is he a little biased? Yes.

Although that was wrong, is that really comparable to a hand connecting to a face? Tami then talks about Jennifer bullying Ashley Walker in season 2, remember when Ashley allegedly put her fiance’s ex-girlfriends phone number on Craigslist? Tami? Really? An authority on bullying now? Right. Then the ladies joined in a said Jennifer was intimidating Ashley, which is a form of bullying. These women are a bloody joke. Jennifer should apologize for everything, but they then give half apologizes for what they feel they did was wrong, but not everything.

Shaunie wants to see growth and tries to define what growth is. Does Shaunie know what growth is? No Shaunie wants to see a lip gloss empire grow, really Shaunie, after laughing about Jennifer’s 4 lip glosses.

Jennifer gives a half a**ed apology to Evelyn for the blog and anyone else she may have hurt.

Jennnifer is now going to take a polygraph as Evelyn took one already. Why didn’t Kenya take one to see if she called Evelyn loose?

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