Basketball Wives | Season 5, Episode 3 Recap “Really Right, Or Really Wrong?”

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The episode starts off with nosy Suzie asking Tasha about her husbands affair and the mistress payoff. Tasha handled the prying questions of Suzie and undercover Tami as best as she could with class.

“It’s a true story. It happened. It’s over with. It’s in the past. Things happen. Why y’all get all, I saw Tami head ducking and dodging. What you ducking and dodging for? It did happen. And I don’t have a problem discussing or talking about it. But it’s not gonna be something that I talk about forever ’cause it’s old, it’s stale. It is what it is. Listen, we all make mistakes.”

Suzie then decided to ask about the chef’s looks.

“Girl, let’s not give that child too much energy. Let her take her little money and keep it moving. She saw a come up and she ran with it.”

Tami is invited by Shaunie for a walk in Central Park. Tami claims Tasha informed her that, Evelyn and Shaunie warned her suzie-tasha-5-3that, ‘they may not get along, as it could go really right or really wrong’. This bothered Tami, why? She obviously has a very short memory. Very wrong – Jennifer Williams and her food stamps comment, Evelyn Lozada sleeping with Tami’s ex husband, taking Kesha Nichols bag hostage and accusing Kenya Bell of not being herself. She believes she was set up by Evelyn and Shaunie. How is that a set up? She claims, ‘let me just meet you and feel you out first’. Is that what Tami did when she got Suzie to ask Tasha about her husband’s adultery? Tami claims she is tired of being associated with the negative side of things, so why doesn’t she stop with the negative, angry behavior? Everyone has seen how she treats the smaller and weaker members of the cast. Shaunie tells her she stands behind her comment as it’s true. Tami sees that as planting a negative seed, Tami has planted an entire orchard of her negative forest in the past few season of BBW’s.

Suzie has lunch with her cousin, Billy in L.A, and she shares how she hasn’t accomplished anything in life and now wants to go back to school. What happened to her realtor’s license? Suzie is disappointed and feels she has failed in life, with not finishing school, having surgery and feeling ugly. Her siblings all have careers, she has a brother who is a architect and two brother’s who are CPA’s. Suzie claims she didn’t have to work in her twenties, and had more than everyone else, now as ‘the dust has settled’, she needs to decide what to do with her life. Seriously wasn’t Suzie a high end real estate agent in Miami?

Shaunie is still dating, model boyfriend, Marlon. They have been together for three years now. They discuss how difficult it is to see other as they are so busy. Marlon models and is an aspiring actor. Shaunie has five children, has to work and a million other projects – a part from the shoe line she introduced last season, (what happened with that), what else is she doing?

Tami goes to visit her cousin, Shauna. They discuss Tami’s mother, Nadine Buford’s terminal liver cancer, who doesn’t have long to live, nine months to be exact. Tami cries and worries that she hasn’t accomplished enough for her mother to be proud of her.

Tami asks her daughters for advice in regards to doing something special with her mother. Tami wants to do something with just her and her mother. Lyric suggests that they do a family portrait. They also talk about her eventual move into hospice care, which sometimes helps patients during the end care of their lives.

So now that Evelyn is a PETA spokes-model, does she now not wear any animal materials, fur, leather etc and is she a vegetarian? Evelyn is happy with the final shot for her PETA advert.

On the way to Evelyn’s party, Suzie and Tasha talk about the Chad and Evelyn situation. I’ve had enough hearing about Chad and Evelyn. Suzie then praises Evelyn after her ordeal as she has moved on and is independent and states she told her, “damn you’re becoming like Oprah”. Really? Tasha then jokes, “May be she can wear a helmet on her next date”. They both laugh. Suzie alleges she was uncomfortable with the statement but laughed anyway, she figured Tasha was good enough friends withtami-roman-PETA Evelyn, that she could joke about that. Everyone turns up for Evelyn’s party, except Tami. Perhaps Tami was a little salty over the fact that she had put out a anti-fur photo prior, in January 2012, trying to get PETA’s attention and they chose Evelyn instead. Or it could be she didn’t want to party as she was dealing with her mother’s illness.

Evelyn helps Shaunie pick out shoes for her date with Marlon. They finally have some time to spend with each other. Shaunie tells her about the conversation she had with Tami. They both laugh at Tami’s pettiness over the, ‘really right, really wrong’, comment. Tami’s reputation precedes her.

In Miami at some point, Evelyn visits her therapist, and tells her side of the story:

  • Evelyn raised her voice when she realized Chad was lying about the condom receipt.
  • She then tells him she will never have children with him. He responds, so who are you going to be with then.
  • She did nothing else
  • He blacked out and hit her in the face.

She cries as she mourns the loss of her marriage. Although what Chad was wrong, it’s a little unfair to keep hearing for the past three episodes about him, through Evelyn and everyone else. Chad should have been given the chance to appear on the show at least with a taped statement, especially since they keep talking about him. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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