Basketball Wives | Season 5, Episode 4 Recap “I Will Hit You In Your Face”

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Again on another episode of Basketball Wives, we start off with Evelyn crying, over the loss of her marriage and her best friend, Chad. As Chad has hurt her like nobody else.evelyn lozada-crying 5-4

She continues with her therapy session with Dr Debra Nixon. Dr Nixon asks her what would she do if no media or anybody else was involved, what would her decision be. Evelyn says she would give her marriage another “try”, as she wants to be married.

Tami and Suzie meet for drinks as she never turns down a good sangria. She explains that she didn’t turn up to Evelyn’s PETA party as she was looking after her mother who was in the hospital and took a turn for the worst. But yet, Shaunie and Evelyn were wondering where she was. Do we really think Shaunie and Evelyn didn’t know about Tami’s sick mother. She is closer to Shaunie than Suzie, yet only Suzie knows about the illness?suzie ketcham-5-4

Evelyn speaks to her lawyer about the no-contact order she has against Chad. Evelyn shares that she wanted to protect herself and her daughter, especially financially. And is glad she protected herself as she is a business woman.

Everyone is talking about Evelyn holding Chad’s hand at his fan appreciation dinner. Obviously people took pictures and it went viral. Here are the photos.tami-evelyn-5-4

Tami: “I love Shaunie, but I will hit you in your face, if it goes left”

Tami talks to Evelyn about the “really wrong, really right” situation. Tami claims everyone should be seeing the changes she made. When has she changed? She is still sneaky and two faced, getting Suzie to do her messy, dirty work. She now states she always likes everything to be in the open not talking about anyone behind their backs. Right.

Suzie and Evelyn talk about reconciliation with Chad. Evelyn admits it was a mistake to go to Chad’s dinner and she had hope for them. Evelyn said she knows Chad hasn’t changed. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.shaunie-5-4Shaunie: “I love her to death, but sometimes the voices in her head can take over the world”

Evelyn and Shaunie discuss Tami’s comments about not having any issue smacking Shaunie, her boss. Right. Puppet master sure isn’t holding back this season and isn’t having any of that nonsense. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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