Basketball Wives | Season 5, Episode 5 Recap “I’ve Made Changes”

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Evelyn has lunch with her daughter, Shaniece, and wants to reassure her, that she is not getting back with Chad. Evelyn admits that Chad has been her biggest teacher and thanks him, so the next time she’s in a relationship she knows what to avoid in her next. One of those of those things would be to not give her partner a “free pass” as long as she was made aware of it.

tasha-5-5 Shaunie meets with her assistant, Alicia who discusses her busy schedule. Shaunie is collaborating on a stage play titled, Wives Of Basketball, with JD Lawrence, he apparently is the “King of Stage Plays”, writing a few plays that have done very well. He has worked with Jackee’ Harry, Ashford and Simpson, Fred Hammond, El DeBarge, Letoya Luckett, Dave Hollister, Darrin Dewitt Henson and Johnny Gill to name a few. Shaunie is really milking this Basketball Wives story, there’s even a movie in the works.

Evelyn and Tasha go shopping and bring up the really, right, really wrong comment again! Can we get off this please? I’m bored to tears from hearing about Chad every week, Evelyn crying and Tami’s issues with really right/wrong.

Tami visits a life coach, which is about time, and she complains that she is tired of everyone predicting her behavior, believing that she will always pop off when she gets angry and that people need to allow her to progress. The only ‘people’ not allowing Tami to progress is HERSELF! If people are saying she’s angry, prove them wrong, by remaining cool, calm and collected, not tami-5-5by exploding using the excuse, “it’s my trigger point”. Tami claims some of her trigger points are, tone of voice and how people use their hands when they speak. So Tami wants cardboard rigid people to speak to her without using any facial or body expressions. Tami has about 4,000 trigger points. She also discusses her anger issues, and the progress she has made in changes to her behavior. What changes? It’s unfortunate that people think that of her, especially her friends. But she really hasn’t given anyone any reason to think she’s changed. When you think of Tami the last thing you associate with her is peace, calm and tranquility. Even if someone p*sses you off, you try and stay calm.

Tami: I am working on myself but I am not Mother Theresa and I’m not going to lead you to the mountain top. So there will be those moments where if you push me, there’s the potential that the old Tami will pop back up and pop a b*tch.

JD tells her boyfriend Marlon, that JD has written part in the play for her. She claims she is not an actor. You could have fooled me, she has been acting for five seasons on Basketball Wives. Marlon tells her he’ll read for her. Later when they arrive for the reading, I try my hardest to stay awake during this boring scene. Marlon reads his part. Marlon has a pretty face.

Evelyn, Shaunie and Suzie go shopping for Tasha’s birthday. They end up looking at sex toys. Suzie jokes that they should get a strap on for Tasha’s chef, who you know had an affair with Tasha’s husband, Stephon. Evelyn claims when it comes to that story that, she tries to stay quiet on that issue. Since when? Evelyn blasted Tasha’s business the minute she wrote those words in her book, Inner Circle Wives Association.

Tasha visits the location of her ‘Celebrity Sew-Ins’ shop and there is no power, no chairs, the floors are a mess, basically nothing is ready. Her associate claims that everything will be ready in time for the grand opening. Tasha is not happy that the shop isn’t ready and jokes, ‘do you want me to head butt you?’ So we know Tasha is being fed her lines by the producers.

Tasha and Shaunie are shopping for clothes for her party and Tasha laments over how much isn’t finished and her concern is the shop evelyn-5-5won’t be finished for the grand opening. Tasha suggest a soft opening, which I thought was ridiculous. Tasha then shares her jokes to Shaunie, ‘what do you need me to do, headbutt you?’ Obviously Tasha isn’t happy that Evelyn wrote about her life in her book, because no friend of mine would ever put that mess in a book about me.

Tami is in New York for Tasha’s party with her daughter Lyric and they discuss her nail polish line. Lyric suggest that they name a color after each member of the family. Tami definitely wants to name one of the colors after her mother.

Tami wants to meet with the ladies to discuss, what was said about her, why and when etc. Wasn’t this already covered with multitude of conversations throughout the past five episodes? Shaunie asks Tasha if a bad seed was planted in her head when they talked about Tami. Tasha says no.

tami-gets up-5-5Shaunie: “Ding, ding, ding, Tami”
Tami: Ding, ding, ding, ding, Shaunie. You can’t have me living that moment”
Shaunie: “I didn’t have you live that moment. You lived it. You lived that moment, I didn’t Tami”
Tami: “But you can’t keep bringing up a person’s past anytime you meet somebody new”
Shaunie: “I don’t bring up your past, matter of fact I would like to never bring up your past”
Tami: “Me too”
Shaunie: “But you have to take responsibility for acting the damn fool back then”
Tami: “What I need to take responsibility for is the changes that I’ve made since that moment, which none of ya’ll seem to want to make me live in that moment”

Evelyn says “so boop” and gave Tami the hand. One of Tami’s triggers erupted like Mount Vesuvius. Tami forgot she made changes and got into her “old Tami” self and was ready to fight, Evelyn. Evelyn obviously stayed seated. Remember Tami said, “What I need to take responsibility for is the changes that I’ve made since that moment, which none of ya’ll seem to want to make me live in that moment”.

Next Evelyn tells Tasha she knows about her headbutt comment, in regards to her associate. Evelyn didn’t like that. Tasha claims it wasn’t directed towards her evelyn crying-5-5(it was). Tasha then said, “I could say, I don’t appreciate you putting that stuff about what happened between me and my chef and what happened between me and Stephon.” Evelyn claimed she gave everyone disclaimers about the book, but didn’t give Tasha a heads-up about what she wrote about her. Tasha claims she wasn’t upset, but obviously she was or is. To clear the air, Tasha tells her about the ‘Evelyn could wear a helmet on a date’. I don’t understand why the helmet comment was funny, especially to Suzie who was abused in a previous relationship herself, that she even had to have surgery to fix her broken jaw caused by her ex. Evelyn starts to get emotional and leaves the table and not one of her friends gets up to console her and walk her out of the restaurant. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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