Basketball Wives LA | Finale & Reunion Part 1

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Season 2 Finale

We’ve reached the final episode of Basketball Wives LA, finally.

The ladies head to a cooking class, except Draya as she is not feeling well and she drunk herself silly the night before. Jackie is looking sombre, maybe looking for sympathy from Bambi and Malaysia’s teeth. Jackie got a text message from her daughter, who told her, Laura met with her. She tells the Bambi and Malaysia what transpired between them. Jackie is pissed. I don’t understand why Jackie is still trying to be friends with Laura. Laura is immature and silly. I agree with Bambi, Laura is a punk, who hates Jackie but wants to hang and chat with their daughter – only to get ammunition to use against her. Granted Chantel was wrong also for talking to her mothers enemy too  but given her position, can you blame her? Jackie asked Laura about the phone call she had with her daughter. Laura says she regrets meeting with Chantel as her initial intention in meeting with Chantel was wrong. Laura then states she tried to get Chantel to come out to New Orleans. Really? I don’t know if I believe her, she is sneaky.

Bambi and Malyasia go to check on Draya who is still sick as she partied too hard. Don’t she party a lot? Should she be used to this life? They discuss the Laura and Jackie situation.

Malaysia meets with Laura, who is without a bra and showing off golf ball sized nipples. Cover up woman. Malaysia wants to know why Laura spoke to Chantel without Jackie knowing. Laura claims that once her evil thoughts passed and she met with Chantel everything changed. Laura is a liar and 3-faced. One face for the camera, one for her ‘friends’ and the last face for her circus mirror.

Laura, Brook and Gloria ran into Draya’s manager, Marcus. They assume Marcus and Draya spent the night together – working etc. Brooke calls Draya to see if she was going to lie. What does it matter if Draya was lying? They are behaving as Draya owes them anything. Gloria calls Marcus to see if they can all be booked on the same radio show as Draya – Childish much?

Later, they visit a witch, who asks some questions and get’s some things right and Jackie is overwhelmed. Next! The ladies get on the bus – What the hell does Bambi keep wearing, she looks terrible, ripped stockings and cut-off jean shorts, c’mon hon, when you know better you try and do better. Draya asks Gloria about her phone call to Marcus, her manager. Gloria tells her she was trying to figure out why Draya wasn’t with them – how about asking her, ya dumb bunny! And that she had a radio interview the day before – Draya’s response seemed kind of iffy – I was sick yesterday, but I was supposed to go out, but I didn’t get the phone call I guess, I don’t know what happened at the end of the night, I didn’t leave my room the whole time. Brooke then states that Marcus told them, she actually did the interview. At this point Draya is defensive, which I probably would have too. What does it matter if Draya lied to them? They are way too much into Draya’s butt. She wants to make her money, let her. If she wants to lie, let her.

Brooke is getting heated as when she tries to talk to Draya, and tells her she acts like a “polished penny“, LOL! Brooke may be real, but as a mother of 3 and a grown woman she needs to sit down and behave herself. She gets up on a moving bus, to do what? Does VH1 still have it in their contracts to look out for flying fists and feet? So Brooke wants to f*** Draya’s a** up as she feels played with. If Brooke wasn’t just acting for the camera’s this would be fun, but Brooke you are not Tami. Bambi comes to Draya’s defense, Bambi wasn’t in Draya’s room all night, so how would she know? Gloria jumps back in and Bambi goes after her. Everyone is cackling and acting the fool at this point and Bambi thinks she is going to start a fight. Violence is wrong. But I wish no one would have stopped Brooke or Bambi from hitting these ladies as their a**es would have been thrown in a woman’s prison and from what I have seen on MSNBC’s ‘Lockup’, they would treat them real nice.

Malaysia who is the channeling her best Shaunie impersonation invites the women to dinner and tries to get them to hash out their differences. Brooke is very angry with Draya. Bambi still wants to hit Gloria in the face. Gloria tells Bambi that she didn’t know all the facts, so she shouldn’t comment. Jackie is emotional over the fact that Laura spoke to Chantal. She cries, is this real, or is she mad that her daughter put her business out there, she also gave away too much of Doug’s money. Malaysia and Draya are crying too. At this point I don’t know who on earth to believe. As soon as they get out their issues. They all go back to fighting over stupid stuff.

Reunion Part 1

In what has been the best decision VH1 has ever made – they airing the reunion on the same night as the finale.

Fashions – Basketball Wives LA has the worse wardrobe in the history of reality television surpassing the Honey Boo Boo’s clan.

  • Brooke actually looked decent, she left something to the imagination. She could have done something different with her hair.
  • Bambi looked like a busted Wendy Williams – blonde isn’t for everyone and that christmas pageant dress needed to be buried.
  • Jackie, oh my dear. Was Jackie auditioning for Grease 3? Jackie was going for sexy but fell flat.
  • Laura has lost all her weight and looks fantastic, but the outfit and major cleavage wasn’t needed, I wan’t feeling it at all.
  • Malaysia looked like Elvira with her boobs out.
  • Gloria actually looked nice, but her lipstick was too dark. Her shoes were sexy.
  • Draya looked like she hand sewed her outfit herself the night before.

If any of these ladies are spared the chopping block for season 3, I pray demand a budget for wardrobe and hair expenses as a clause. Because they need help.

Jackie claims she came back to make amends with everyone – she didn’t make amends. Malaysia invited Jackie back into the circle not to make herself relevant, but wanted to give her a chance. Malaysia is irrelevant. Jackie claims she is the show.

Laura was seeking revenge on Jackie as she was hurt a lot last season. Jackie and Laura start with their stupid argument, talking over each other. John Salley the worst host, enjoys this mess, while they continue with the nonsense.

Brooke and Bambi explain their ‘issue’, Brooke never had a problem with Bambi sleeping with her man or receiving gifts from her man – who is this dude? Brooke and Bambi a match made in nasty hell. Bambi is blonde and is proud.

Gloria also stated she is the reason there’s a spin-off. These women have some mighty huge balls at the reunion shows. Bambi can’t understand why Laura ‘accepted’, Jackie’s apology and still behaved the way she did. Didn’t she just hear Laura admit she was that evil. Why is Bambi on the show anyway? Brooke at least was ‘dating’ a player. Bambi has no ties to Basketball that we know of. Malaysia jumps to her buddy’s defense, ‘it’s the same as your sister being on the show’. No it’s not. Laura has four children by a baller and Draya slept with her boyfriend at the time – so there’s your connection. Bambi said she’s not a wife; Is Bambi a wife? Gloria then drops that Laura has been a wife for 3 years. Wait, what? Laura is married?

Draya states that she didn’t want anyone at her shoot. Once she saw a pulse (Brooke) in the chair getting prepped she just left. That was silly. She eventually apologizes to Brooke and Brooke accepts it.

Bambi and Jackie ‘rap’ live. Jackie gets a little applause for her ‘rap’, the audience loves Bambi’s performance.

Gloria talks about her relationship with her now husband Matt, she took a sabbatical from the relationship, for those that don’t know a sabbatical is a rest from work, or a hiatus, often lasting from two months to a year. The concept of sabbatical has a source in shmita, described several places in the Bible. In the strict sense, therefore, sabbatical lasts a year. Gloria decided this year that she and Matt would be keeping their relationship private, as it is working as she is now a happily married woman. The audience and cast gasped when she stated that the cast wasn’t important enough to attend her wedding. They aren’t. They argue all the time and it’s up to Gloria who she invites to her intimate, spiritual, Las Vegas nuptial.

Bambi also divulges that during Gloria’s ‘sabbatical’ from Matt she hooked up with some rapper friends of hers. Remember the picture that Avant Rose tweeted of Gloria wearing his hoodie? Gloria obviously didn’t have anything to say. Matt did state that Gloria can do whatever she wants as they were broken up. Bambi tattled on Gloria on her hoe-ish ways. I’m not saying she’s a hoe, but there have been rumors she cheated on Matt with The Game along with others.

Part 2 airs next week Monday 8/7c on VH1.

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