Benzino Get’s Into Fight In Jail, Inmate’s Tooth Get’s Stuck In His Hand

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Gwinnett County, GA – Former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Benzino was briefly behind bars following an altercation involving him and his ex and baby mama Althea Eaton’s new boyfriend but the drama didn’t end there.

Raymond ‘Benzino’ Scott’s mugshot

According to an Instagram post from Benzino’s account, believed to be posted by his son, the 55-year-old got into a fight with a fellow Gwinnett County Jail inmate and was promptly sent to the infirmary with a tooth embedded into his hand.

“My dad sent me this from the infirmary, he got into a fight with an inmate and is in 24 hour lockdown, the guy’s tooth got stuck in his hand, they are transferring him to another prison and should get bond. If not he will be in for another 90 day. He just want to thank his supporters and when he gets out he will tell his side of the story. #FREEBENZINO.”

SMH. Do better Raymond ‘Benzino’ Scott.

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