Bethenny Ever After – Episode 1 (Quick Recap)

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Bethenny’s Getting Married has now been revamped to Bethheny Getting Married, thank goodness that title was horrible.

The Real Housewife is now the mother of 6 month year old Brynn

Bethenny and Jason contemplate Jason working for Bethenny. Not a good idea me thinks. The Hoppy have the talk about Brynn’s college funds, retirement and dying together, you know the usual stuff new parents talk about.

Bethenny goes bra shopping and “unleashes the hounds”.

Jason and his parents are extremely close he is now their only son as his older brother died in an accident. They see Jason’s parents every 3 weeks for at least 2 days at a time. This is turning into a chore for Bethenny. She feels stifled and forced to travel up there. She wants her own special time with her husband and daughter. Bethenny tries to explain that she needs space with her husband and child.

I understand this, new parents and new grandparents want to spend time as much time with Brynn. I feel Bethenny is being a little selfish, when you marry someone you also marry their family. It must be hard on Bethenny too, this is strange as she is not used to a close knit family unit. Jason is their only child and Brynn may be their only grandchild. My heart was breaking watching them as they said Brynn may forget them 🙁

Jason jokes that Bethenny will have another baby if they move to California. I know Jason’s parents heart stopped and it was sad.

Jason is proud of Bethenny, She acknowledges Jason as her partner and glad he is in her life

Jason farts a lot.

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